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Ep. 73 – The RUNATL Podcast with Guest Haley Chura

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week on the RUNATL Podcast we feature Haley Chura, a Professional Triathlete and Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier. She’ll be back in Atlanta on February 29th as she goes for 1 of 3 spots to represent the U.S. in Tokyo in the Olympic Summer Games.

RUNATL Podcast

Hello, Friends!

We roll on with more Olympic Marathon Trials fun in this episode with the most fun fact for our Featured Conversation: More specifically, listen in to this episode to learn about the time difference in the sport and distance in which she qualified in 2008 compared to her new qualifier as a potential Olympian in the marathon! Pretty impressive… And, of course, there’s much more good stuff that Ms. Haley Chura shares with us, as she readies herself for her next trip to Atlanta. This National Champion from the University of Georgia was a Facebook Live feature from last month – – and is the perfect episode for this month! Enjoy!

Here are our Show Notes:
As we indicated, the opportunity to sit down with Haley Chura was first broadcast as a Facebook Live event. You can watch the broadcast and some bonus footage through this link.

As we mentioned, Haley will be back in Atlanta for another event, IronWomen Live Podcast on February 26th. You can purchase tickets here.

Here is a link to all of the Special Events at BPRC, including those D2 mentioned in our Intro.

To learn more about our Featured Conversation, her accomplishments and her coaching, check this out:

Along with our partners for this event – – and so much more – – from the Kyle Pease Foundation would invite you to learn more about them here.

Haley’s coach, as well as the coaching and motivation that fuels so many others, comes from Dynamo Multiport! Here’s where you can get more details.

Of course, don’t forget the countdown clock and all of the up-to-the-minute information about the Olympic Trials for the Marathon can be found using this website.

As always, thank you for listening and being part of the fun! In only a single week, my friends, we will be back with Molly Huddle! See you then! In the meantime, MAY YOUR BEST MILES BE THOSE COVERED ON FOOT!

– Mike