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Ep. 149 – The Big Peach Ride + Run Podcast with Guest Martinus Evans

The Big Peach Ride + Run Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. We’re joined by Martinus Evans, who started running after his doctor called him fat at 300 pounds. He’s now inspiring others to take up running.

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The heat and humidity are back! There’s no hiding from it if you’re running outside. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day and fuel your runs with some sort of electrolyte drink like Tailwind, Maurten, Gu, or Nuun.

This week we have the privilege of speaking with Martinus Evans who has been featured in the Featured in NY Times, LADBibleNY Post (1.5M+ Views), Huffington Post, Insider & hereU.S. News & World ReportThe Wall Street JournalRunner’s World, Adidas Commercials (12M+ views), and more!

His story is interesting but maybe not unique to most individuals in a bigger body. After going to a doctor about his feet hurting, the doctor, without even running any tests or even having a deeper discussion about his issue, simply stated that he was fat and if he didn’t lose weight he would die. He judged Martinus simply by how he looked. It was at this point that Martinus boldly exclaimed that he was going to run a marathon and the doctor’s response was that he was going to die.

Martinus Evans

It was definitely a bold claim but he went into a running store and got fitted for shoes and this was the start of his journey. The problem he came across is that while there are plenty of “Couch to 5k” programs available, none of them are designed for individuals with bigger bodies or those that have never run in their entire life. He learned a lot on his own, mostly through trial and error and he began to share his journey in his blog. He even started his own club (Slow AF Run Club) to welcome others like him and created a welcoming community. One of the reasons I wanted to talk to Martinus was that he shared a similar passion to help others enjoy running as much as we do. A community where no one gets judged. No matter the pace or distance, if you move faster than walking, you’re a runner.

Martinus Evans is releasing his first book The Ultimate Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Run to share his journey and help others. I got a preview of the first chapter and it’s not just a book about how to run or even lose weight. It’s about the preparation it takes to take on running for the first time. There’s the mental preparation to get started as well as the mental fortitude to stick with it. He’s insightful and probes the reader to question themselves about why they want to start running while helping them gain the confidence to not only get started but to be consistent and if desired take on a distance like a marathon.

If you want to learn about Martinus Evans, check out the links below. He’s on social media and would appreciate the follow and of course, you can purchase his book.

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Martinus Evans does plan on being in Atlanta for the AJC Peachtree Road Race. If he’s available, we’ll try and schedule an event at one of our stores.

I hope you’re inspired by his story, passion, and commitment as I am.

Until next time, keep running, keep riding, and keep believing in yourself.

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