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Group Run Kennesaw – Tuesdays Tuesday @ 6:30pm
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Sorry, there are no TransFORMed Running Workshops scheduled at this location.



Fernando Del Valle

Fernando Del Valle
General Manager

My Perfect Run: The last one! Running around the National Parks in Utah was, to say the least, life changing! I had never felt so close to nature as I did there. Never had I experienced such energy, such an overwhelming feeling from any other place.
Originally From: New York, NY
Best Advice: Train as you race. Keep your body straight, it will help your form and your mindset. When the pain starts, and it will, remember, that too will pass! And when all else fails, smile!
What Keeps Me Going: All that lies ahead; the hope for a better day; the run ahead; life’s grand adventure ahead…

Joanna Jordan

Joanna Jordan

My Perfect Run: Long and slow on a scenic trail to watch the sun rise.
Originally From: Duluth, GA
Best Advice: "Don't confuse comfort with happiness"
What Keeps Me Going: Love of the mountains!

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