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Group Run Alpharetta – Mondays Monday @ 6:30pm
Group Run Alpharetta – Wednesdays Wednesday @ 6:30pm
TransFORMed Running Date / Time
Sorry, there are no TransFORMed Running Workshops scheduled at this location.


No events scheduled at this location. Check back soon!


Matt Morlen

Matt Morlen
General Manager

My Perfect Run: Early spring morning running the trails at Sope Creek.
Originally From: Marietta, GA
Best Advice: Live in the present and don’t sweat the small stuff
What Keeps Me Going: Coffee.

Wade Coleman

Wade Coleman

My Perfect Run: A cool morning run on a new trail with a whole day without plans ahead of me.
Originally From: Beaufort, SC
Best Advice: You can't get stronger without rest. Ice cream helps too.
What Keeps Me Going: A strong desire to eat all of the food and see all the waterfalls, combined with a love of pretending that I'm an airplane when running downhill.

BPRC Alpharetta (Map)
5530 Windward Parkway, Ste. 420
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Tel: 678.739.4616

Monday-Friday 10AM - 8PM
Saturday 9AM - 6PM
Sunday 12PM - 5PM