Retail parking is available in the parking garage beneath The Goodwynn apartments. Parking deck entrance is adjacent to Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub.

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Group Runs Date / Time
Group Run Brookhaven – Tuesdays Tuesday @ 6:30pm
Group Run Brookhaven – Thursdays Thursday @ 6:30pm
TransFORMed Running Date / Time
TransFORMed Running Preview
Saturday, May. 12th @ 8:00am
Sorry, there are no TransFORMed Running Workshops scheduled at this location.



Kate Brun

Kate Brun
General Manager

My Perfect Run: A long run at Kennesaw Mountain with my favorite running buddies on a perfect fall day.
Originally From: Kennesaw, GA
Best Advice: Have FUN!
What Keeps Me Going: Setting goals for myself, my friends, and exploring lots of beautiful places.

Tyler Tomy

Tyler Tomy

My Perfect Run: My perfect run was in the summer along the Mackenzie river in Oregon. At the time I was focused on just training and would never deviate from the schedule. I forgot all about the schedule itself and just ran. That run really brought me back to my roots to remind me that the competitive side of running is not the only reason why I enjoy it.
Originally From: Alpharetta, GA
Best Advice: Base mileage is the foundation of a good season and without it one will surely falter throughout the season. Just as importantly though is building up slowly and easily. As runners we are inherently antsy; but if we are able to start slowly we can really build that mileage for an injury free and successful season.
What Keeps Me Going: I have honestly tried quitting a few times now. Each time I enjoy the short break; but after awhile I start to remember what I loved so much about running and inevitably get back into it.

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