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Saucony Ride 17 Review

The Saucony Ride 17 arrived on my doorstep two months before the official release, so I’ve had time to put some miles on this daily trainer and provide my thoughts.

I’m coming off running the New York City Marathon, where I ran in the New Balance SuperComp Trainer v2, and I had to readjust to running in the Saucony Ride 17, as well as my expectations of what a running shoe should feel like. I say this because my first run, while good, couldn’t compare to the SuperComp Trainer v2, and it wouldn’t be fair to do so. One is a max-cushioned racing shoe, and the other is a daily trainer. Two different shoes for two different purposes. Maybe even two different types of runners. This required me to spend a good amount of time running easy miles as I recovered from my race.

Saucony Ride 17

Saucony Ride 17 Specs

As stated, the Saucony Ride 17 is a daily trainer designed for everyday running (or walking) and is not likely the shoe to pursue a PR. This updated model gets upgraded to the PWRRUN+ midsole found in the Saucony Triumph 21, a premium max-cushioned shoe, but that’s where the differences end. The Saucony Ride 17 has an 8mm drop, and the Saucony Triumph 21 has a 10mm drop. The Triumph has an extra 2mm in the heel. That may be why the Triumph feels slightly softer in the heel. However, both feel soft and very similar. The Saucony Ride 17 also gets an updated upper and slightly changes the outsole with more carbon rubber in the heel and lateral side.


The fit felt good and secure, especially around the midfoot. That’s the most noticeable change in the upper. A new material on both the lateral and medial side of the Saucony Ride 17 starts in the rear of the shoe and wraps up to the midfoot to the laces. It helps the shoe feel snug and secure as it provides some additional support, but it’s also narrower in this part of the shoe. While it does seem to be narrower, it’s not constricting. The heel feels good. The toe box seems like it would accommodate the average-shaped foot. I had no issues and my foot had plenty of room to spread out my toes. It’s not overly padded but narrow for a secure heel fit. Once I started running, I never gave another thought to the fit. It disappears so you can focus on the run and the miles ahead. I would also say that the length is true to size and maybe a bit longer. I have plenty of extra room at the front of my toes but with a secure midfoot, it doesn’t feel big or sloppy.


The Saucony Ride 17 feels good while running. The PWRRUN+ midsole does a great job absorbing the impact at the point of contact. It’s not super soft or squishy. It provides a responsive ride when you pick up the pace, but you don’t get that bounce or energy return that you’d get in something like the Saucony Endorphin Speed. If that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t appreciate what the Saucony Ride 17 can provide. The PWRRUN+ midsole protects from the impact at the point of contact and improves comfort. That’s exactly what a daily trainer should do. I enjoyed running downhill sections as I could pick up the pace without feeling like my quads or knees were getting beat up. While I could also pick up the pace, because it absorbs the impact, it also didn’t feel fast despite some fast and hard efforts.


The ride felt comfortable and smooth. I tend to land on my midfoot, and the forefoot/toe spring design allows for a smooth transition in my gait. For those that land towards the back of the shoe, there is an angle that should smooth out the transition from the heel to the forefoot. I’ve run from 3 – 10 mile runs in this shoe; the shoe disappears underfoot, and I don’t even think about what shoe I’m wearing. It’s the perfect shoe for me when I want to run for fun, and I’m not necessarily focused on any specific training. After coming off of a marathon, it makes for a nice recovery shoe for those slow and easy miles.

Conclusion: Saucony Ride 17

With so many different models of shoes that use “super foams” or carbon plates, it’s very easy to dismiss a daily trainer like the Saucony Ride 17. We have to remember that not everyone is training for a PR or trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Many want a good shoe to run (or even walk) comfortably and not think about pace or time. Just run for the simple joy of running. That’s where the Saucony Ride 17 can come in. Sure, you can run a 5k up to a marathon in this shoe, but if you’re looking to PR, there are models specifically designed for that goal, but you’re also going to pay a premium for those models. The Ride 17 is a great shoe for someone just getting started or someone who simply wants to enjoy a run. Considering it now uses the same midsole as the Saucony Triumph 21 with a $30 saving, the Ride 17 seems like a great choice for any runner. I should point out that the Saucony Ride 17 did gain an ounce. It is probably due to the additional carbon rubber in the outsole and the minor changes in the upper. I didn’t notice the weight at first but it might become noticeable on those longer runs. When I started running 12 years ago, I started in the Saucony Ride 3 (or was it 4?). It was a shoe that got me running consistently, helped me to enjoy running, that eventually led me to faster times, and now a career in the running industry. That shoe transformed my running experience and even the trajectory of my professional career. Will the Saucony Ride 17 change someone else’s life, only time (and miles) will tell.

The Saucony Ride 17 is available online at your local Big Peach Running Co. location.