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Greetings, Friends!

There is seemingly an unstated seasonal requirement in the South to address no less than one (1) group of friends and/or colleagues with the exclamation, “Happy Fall, Y’all!”  This tradition has been extended as an expression on everything from current commercials to dated artwork on colorful porch front signs.  It’s a joyful greeting and a proper proclamation of optimism! 

And as I tap out this Quarterly Update (Q4?  Already?!?!), this timely phrase is also an exciting and accurate statement-of-fact…  The following are just some of the reasons for plenty of autumnal happiness at Big Peach Running Co. and Big Peach Ride + Run. For sure, we so very much appreciate your involvement and curiosity!  Here’s what is happening…

LinkedIn Reboot

Big Peach has been around long enough to see a lengthy litany of social media explosions and evolutions.  We’ve both dabbled and drilled deep into various platforms as we determine how we can best communicate with our friends, serve the lifestyle we embrace and enhance our business!  And if there is anything we’ve learned about social media,  it is that things change – – and change again – – quickly!  The best evidence of this truth for us currently is one of the platforms for which we initially found little use is now a rightful focus:  LinkedIn

As such, if you are involved with corporate wellness, the fitness industry, entrepreneurship or the Service/Retail/Hospitality sector (in any way!), you should be engaging with us!  Here’s a link that will make it 1-click simple to do so:  LinkedIn – Big Peach.  In addition, this link will take you to our website homepage so you can also track with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube:  Running, Walking, Fitness, Atlanta Bike Shop | Big Peach (

We’re social!  You’re social!  Let’s be social together!

Better Than Ever:  From The Race to The Runningman Festival

In my last couple of Quarterly updates, I’ve wondered aloud where the organized event business was headed…  For good reason, I’ve also publicly used words and expressions like “slower than expected,” “sluggish recovery” and “doldrums” to provide a previous assessment.

In a short period of time, all that has seemingly changed!

In fact, in this month alone (October 2023), I’ve witnessed and been deeply inspired by the energy and innovation in local run/walk events.  At the onset of this month, I participated in The Race Half Marathon & 5k.  The activities included a lively expo, live music (with the best solo saxophonist I’ve ever heard…), and a course that featured some incredibly fun sections and a fair challenge.  Alongside the race itself, the participants completed more than 1,400 service hours as part of the special weekend!  Talk about “making our wonderful community a better place to live, work, and play” (part of the Big Peach Guest Promise)!  To learn more, check out this link:  The Race | Half Marathon Atlanta | 5K Atlanta (

I also had the opportunity to make a day trip to the inaugural Runningman Festival.  Wow.  Or, perhaps it is better stated as WOW(!!!).  This cornucopia (I love that word!) of race distances was soaked in ancillary activities that would rival any big-time, multi-day celebration.  It was a premium experience that delivered a trove of memories and special moments to those who made the trip to Kingston Downs.  Alongside my own miles with a friend, there was glamping and food trucks, nationally known musicians, speakers, and comedians – – and the world’s largest sauna (all true!).  Y’all, this was like the Rock n’ Roll race series on banned substances!  Check out all that was part of the fun:  Runningman 2023

Here’s to all the event organizers, participants, and volunteers who are diligent and boldly busy to bring good times to great people!  We’re in.  And the best is yet to come!

Daybreak at The Race on October 7, 2023

Be The WHOLE Promise

It was just a few paragraphs ago that I cited important verbiage from our Guest Promise that goes beyond the lifestyle we support and embrace.  We are a community-based business with a community-minded motivation that fuels us!  Even so, the difficulty over the last few years has admittedly had us on our heels on too many occasions where our service shines… but our outreach to those who might benefit from our influence underdelivers.  As such, it was especially uplifting to recently spend time with Bridge of Light as their Dignity Bus and our Big Peach on Wheels took to the streets of Atlanta.  Our expert service partners delivered hygiene packs, warm showers, and fresh laundry to those who are currently experiencing homelessness (while we were able to outfit many of the guests with new socks and shoes).  Even as dusk became nighttime, we learned firsthand what it meant to “Light Up The Darkness.”  Big kudos – – and an even bigger hug – – to all those who faithfully serve in non-profit, ministry, and community service roles!

The Big Peach Leadership Team with Bridge of Light on October 19th

Finish Strong!

As we turn our attention to late Fall and the Holiday Season, we may be tempted to let the good habits and good deeds we’ve achieved in 2023 ebb or slide…  It is my hopeful encouragement for myself, our Team, and those whom we aspire to serve to resist such hollow folly.  For sure, there is a rightful enthusiasm for resolutions and renewed declarations… and we will be wonderfully surrounded by the hopeful chatter of such before we know it.  At the same time, building off longstanding momentum and savoring yield from a head start is even better!

 For all of us, it is true:  Our Best Miles Are Just Ahead!

BIG love,