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Ep. 142 – The Big Peach Ride + Run Podcast with Guest Marley Blonsky

The Big Peach Ride + Run Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week we’re Marley Blonsky joins us on the podcast. She is an advocate for people of all sizes, genders, ages, income levels, and abilities to be included and welcomed in the bike community. We discuss various ways to be inclusive through marketing images, apparel sizing, and much more!

Big Peach Ride + Run Podcast

Hey Friends!

Marley Blonsky

It was a great conversation with Marley but unfortunately, we ran short on time. While we covered quite a bit, there’s so much more to talk about. As an advocate, she is working to change the culture around cycling and trying to influence companies to do the same. Whether on two feet or two wheels, the work she is doing applies to more than just cycling. If you want to learn more about her work and her non-profit visit her website. If you’re new to cycling, check out her podcast, All Bodies On Bikes. Of course, her non-profit is also called All Bodies On Bikes.

I’d highly recommend that you check out the All Bodies on Bikes video that was produced by Shimano. You’ll learn so much about Marley and her mission. She simply enjoys riding her bike and wants everyone that wants, to have the same opportunity to do the same.

Show Notes:

I mentioned the Criterium race coming to Atlanta on May 14th. You can read the announcement here and check out the race organizer’s website to learn more.

If you’re not sure what gravel biking is, check out this video also done by Pearl Izumi.

As I mentioned, I’m really impressed with what Bentonville, AK has done around cycling and why I need to visit. Here’s a video highlighting the mountain bike trail system and this video is the gravel race Big Sugar which I plan on registering for once it opens up on March 1st.

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. Until next time, keep running, keep riding, and keep believing in yourself. – D2