On Running Cloudflyer Review

The On Running Cloudflyer is the latest shoe on our reviewers’ feet. This model gets some updates and is designed for those looking for comfort in a light and agile package. Unlike the Cloud X, this model is designed to go long distances. We gathered a panel of 4 different types of runners to give us feedback on the On Running Cloudflyer.

By Dave Martinez

On Running Cloudflyer

Testing the On Running Cloudflyer

The On Running Cloudflyer is described as a road shoe with moderate to maximum cushioning for those doing medium to long-distance runs. The Cloudflyer also provides support through a midfoot stability tube. Unlike other brands that provide support, On believes that the foot should run naturally without any correction from the shoe. The shoes are flexible with the cloud elements (pods) individually adapting and reacting to your stride. Many of our reviewers commented on noticing the support but none found it excessive or that it got in the way of your natural stride. Luis from our Kennesaw stored echoed that same reaction, “a runner with a neutral gate can wear this shoe with no problems.”


There were no issues with the sizing Carla from our Alpharetta store and Luis from Kennesaw both stated that the Cloudflyer was “true to size”. One of the updates to this model was creating a wider fit and terms like “generous”  and “wide” to describe the toe box. All of our reviewers wore the Cloudflyer for various distances, from 4 miles to as many as 17 miles. They were even worn in the store for a 5-hour shift without any issues. It’s the longer distances and extended time in a shoe that truly determine how a shoe fits and if it remains comfortable.


Once again, the Cloudflyer feels light even though it’s not necessarily the lightest shoe. According to Carla, “first thoughts were that the Cloudflyer will be heavier with a bulky heel.  Once I laced up and got going, however, I realized that the shoe didn’t run heavy.” Don from our Marietta location (also our resident ultrarunner at 75 years young!) said, “the upper is comfortable and is a good looking shoe.” He did specify his preference for a style with a solid color. Cedric from our Brookhaven location commented on the support,  “I am really enjoying my CloudFlyers they hug my ankle and make me feel really stable.” Luis also commented on the heel and stability it provided, “love how the heel is cupped and secured in its place.”


Having worn previous versions of the Cloudflyer, Don believed this update is a bit more responsive, “the heel thru midfoot definitely has firmer cushioning.” “Very responsive forefoot. I really like how the sock liner changed from being over cushioned to a normal feel”, commented Luis. “I think Carla’s thoughts sum up everyone’s thoughts, “it is the perfect shoe for someone who wants a cushioned, responsive but not a heavy shoe.  For me, this is my new long run shoe.”


Weight 9.88 oz Weight 7.41 oz
Drop 7 mm Drop 7 mm



Overall, all the reviewers felt the updated Cloudflyer is better than the previous version. Don was the only standout that felt like the previous version was slightly softer, smoother, and more comfortable. Other notable mentions from Don that others did not notice or comment on were the laces and sock liner. “I like the lacing configuration at the bottom of the eyelets and confess that I’ve adopted it into other shoes for comfort across that widest part of the forefoot. These laces are a bit more robust than several of your styles and I think this is a good thing. These are just plain easier to handle.” This shoe like several other On styles has a GREAT sock liner. If they were sold separately I’d buy some for other brand shoes!” Lastly, Cedric had this comment, “they are really comfortable for me to wear throughout the day and give my toes room to breathe. The style of the shoe is what really grabbed my attention! I truly enjoy this CloudFlyer!” Overall, the On Running Cloudflyer is a solid option for anyone looking for a cushioned and responsive shoe. Of course, we always encourage everyone to try them on at any of our locations to ensure a proper fit. We know and understand that every foot is different and not all shoes fit the exact same way.

The Cloudflyer can be found in all of our locations and can also be purchased online (free shipping) through our online store.