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On Running Cloud X Review

The On Running Cloud X, just like all the other On Running shoes, have a very distinctive midsole. While you may not be familiar with this brand, it’s likely you’ve started seeing these shoes on people’s feet everywhere. Is it a lifestyle shoe or is it a performance shoe? We take a look at the On Running Cloud X with our panel of reviewers.

By Dave Martinez

On Running Cloud X

Before we dive into the specifics of the Cloud X, let me share some background on the brand. On Running is only about 10 years old and is based out of Zürich, Switzerland. The idea started to create a shoe with a soft landing followed by explosive take-offs. On has received numerous accolades for their design and have research that confirms running efficiency through their innovative midsole design.

In 2017, On Running sponsored and assembled an athlete refugee team to compete at the World Athletics Championships in London, UK. The athletes are all refugees from several war-torn counties in Africa. This year, they released a documentary telling the story of many of these athletes as they prepared to compete in the Olympics. You can watch the documentary on YouTube. If this story intrigues you and you crave some behind the scenes content, check out Ep. 89 of The RUNATL Podcast with the director of that film. While On Running does have some well-known professional athletes, including recently signed, Jacob Riley (2nd at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials), it’s refreshing to see a company invest in the future of these refugee athletes.

Let’s get back to the design of their midsole. Using their patented technology, CloudTec®, they’ve achieved their goal for soft landings with an explosive take-off.  The design of these pods also allows for their shoes to be really light, yet still, durable. Because there are several pods, the shoes are also flexible and the pods individually react and adapt to your stride.

Testing the On Running Cloud X

The On Running Cloud X is described as “a lightweight and ultra-agile shoe built to handle punishing paces and intense mixed-sport workouts. It’s at home on the track, street, and in the gym.” It checks a lot of boxes, especially if you’re looking for a do-everything kind of shoe. It was interesting that our 3 of our 4 reviewers specifically mention using Cloud X for cross-training workouts and HIIT in addition to running. The Cloud X is not a long-distance trainer and is best suited for short runs and that was mentioned by several of our reviewers.


All of our reviewers were very complimentary of the fit. Carolyn had this to say, “It has a roomy toe box, but yet hugs the midfoot and keeps the heel locked in.” “It does not fit as snug as my long mileage shoe, however, it has a wide toe box and has a bouncy feel to it”, is how Heather from our Alpharetta store described the fit. Shanta from our Decatur store  said, “The fit was actually perfect.” If a roomy or wide toe box is a requirement to properly fit your feet, then the Cloud X will check that box.


Everyone described this shoe as light. Which shouldn’t be a surprise once you become familiar with the technology behind the brand. The majority of On Running shoes will feel light. Zach from our Suwanee store stated, “the cloud x is a breathable lightweight shoe that not only looks good but is extremely responsive for when you need/want to pick the pace up on your runs.” Heather from our Alpharetta store liked the Cloud X as an everyday shoe for walking around, doing errands, and cross-training. Shanta used them primarily for HIIT and strength training workouts – “it has more of a firm feel which is ok for the purpose that I have used them for.”


Zach already mentioned how he liked how light they were for those quick runs where he pushes the pace. Heather said, “in my opinion, while it is not meant for lengthy miles, it is a useful shoe that could last a little bit longer than your long mileage shoe.” Carolyn found it to be a comfortable shoe – ” I find that it is even comfortable and supportive enough to wear all day on my feet at work!”


Weight 8.47 oz Weight 7.05 oz
Drop 6 mm Drop 6 mm


If you frequent the gym or do group fitness classes, this may be a great option. Especially, if you run on the treadmill, strength train, High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT), or group fitness that do a little of everything, a do-everything shoe like the Cloud X is a great option to look into.

The Cloud X can be found in most of our locations and can also be purchased online (free shipping) through our online store.