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What’s Your Excuse – The Journey Concludes

What’s your excuse? Watch Tiffany Krumins finish her journey!

What's Your Excuse

Three months ago we asked Tiffany Krumins if we could follow along as she started running. While she worked out when she could, running really wasn’t Tiffany’s “thing.” As a busy mom of two young children and an entrepreneur, Tiffany was a busy lady and those things usually got in the way of working out. When we first started she was a little intimated. Why did she need to get shoes at a running store so that she could go running? Would we judge her running ability when she got fitted for shoes? She’s not alone in those thoughts and the team at Big Peach Running Co. Suwanee quickly put her at ease. There’s no judging of anything at Big Peach Running Co. In fact, we often struggle with some of the same things as everyone else! If you haven’t watched the start of Tiffany’s journey head over to watch the first video.

We checked in with Tiffany a few weeks later to she how she was doing, and she was struggling a little bit. Like many people who have taken on something new, she had some aches and pains as she tried to keep up her training. Kristin, our General Manager in Suwanee, gave her some great foam rolling tips to help with her hips and calves as well as sharing a few pointers on running form in our second Journey video.

So, here we find ourselves at the end of Tiffany’s journey. Or is it the end? Check out the video below to see what happens and what, if anything, Tiffany might want to tackle next.

So, what’s your excuse? Maybe you feel like you’re not a real runner. Maybe you’re too busy, or not the size you want to be. That’s okay! Get out there and try something new. All of us have an excuse that gets in the way of things we want to do. Maybe there is a goal race you’ve always wanted to tackle but just haven’t figured out how to fit training into your schedule. Have you had your eye a new workout class but aren’t sure if you want to try it alone? Don’t let your excuse hold you back from where you want to go. Take a leap and find what would happen if you could fit them into your schedule. We would love to follow along and cheer you on as you complete your journey! Visit our page and share your goals.