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What’s Your Excuse – John McKay

What’s your excuse? John McKay can’t see, but that doesn’t hold him back from his love of running!

Imagine your favorite run. Do you see it? The open road or trail and all of the things around you. Maybe there’s a breeze on a hot day, or you see something really cool. How much do you rely on what you see? Now, imagine you’re on that same run, but now you can’t see anything. John McKay is a runner. He loves the feeling of putting on his shoes and hitting the road. He feels free, relaxed. But here’s the catch, John is blind. He’s been blind since birth because of complications to a surgery, but that hasn’t held him back from exploring the open road. “Don’t let fear determine what you do,” he says of venturing out on runs in his neighborhood.

Recently we tagged along as John tackled his goal race of the year, the Berry Half Marathon. Check out the video below to see how John got started running, why he picked Berry as his goal race, and find out how he did!

John’s story can help anyone who is just starting. Keep it simple. Start by trying to run, or walk, one mile. Once you do that, can you run or walk 2-miles? Don’t be afraid of starting something new. All you have to do is try! John can’t see cars or people clearly, but he doesn’t let his limitations stop him from doing something he loves. Make a goal so that you have something to work towards. It will help keep you motivated and who knows, you might do even better than what you thought!

So, what’s your excuse? What keeps you from achieving the goals you have for running, walking, or life? We want to help you break down those excuses! Visit our What’s Your Excuse page to learn more and tell us your story. Together as a community, we can break down the excuses that hold us back from our goals and dreams.