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What’s Your Excuse – John McKay Continued

What’s your excuse? Learn about John McKay’s next running goal!

Last week we met John McKay. John loves to run because he feels free when he’s out running on the trails, but there’s just one catch. John has been blind since birth, but he hasn’t let that stop him from doing the things he loves. This week John talks about how his most recent race, the Berry Half Marathon, went and a couple of goals he has on the horizon. Find out how much he can see while he’s running, how his guide Tony helped keep him on track during the race, and what he thinks about trail running vs. running on the roads.

Most of us have minor things that get in the way of our day to day life. While we don’t have to deal with being blind like John we still have things that hold us back from reaching our goals. For John, his love of running keeps him going, and as he finishes one goal, it only motivates him to find the next one. He goes out to have fun, something we sometimes forget as we get caught up in pace and finish times. Sometimes, we just need to remember why we started running in the first place!

What holds you back? Maybe it’s your busy schedule, or thinking that you’ll never lose that weight that you’re not happy with. Maybe it’s just hard to get up and out the door for a workout. As John says, “don’t let fear hold you back.” Get together with a friend or two to workout could help you get out the door for that workout. It might be time to sign up for a race so you a set date to crush your goal distance or time. Whatever you need to do to help you achieve your goal, don’t let the fear of starting stop you.

So, what’s your excuse? We started this journey as a way to bring people together, to help us all break down the walls that keep us getting to our goals. Stop by any of our stores to see what goals others near you have set or share your story with us online. Together we can do anything!