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What’s Your Excuse – Don McGinty Continued

What’s your excuse? Don McGinty shares some of the things that helped him run for 30 years!

Don McGinty is 78-years old, and his running career has spanned 30-years. It all started with a desire to lose weight back in the 1970s when he was opening his practice here in Atlanta. He conquered that goal and found ways to keep running fun over the years. If you missed his first video then stop here and go check it out!

Over the course of 30-years Don has learned some tricks to share with others as they start their running journey, or continue running towards a goal.

  1. Don’t worry about speed! Start slowly, but more than anything, just start. It doesn’t matter what speed you go as long as you get out of the door a few times a week. “When I first started running I would run from telephone pole to telephone pole and then walk and it took what seemed like forever to be able to run a mile.” But he stuck with it and slowly increased his miles until he got where he wanted to go.
  2. Make it fun. Don liked to take trips to make things fun. He’s been to Antartica and Easter Island with Marathon Tours! Sometimes it’s not about the speed of the journey, but the journey itself.
  3. Find friends who share your interests! Getting up early to run can be hard sometimes, but having a friend or two (or more) that want to get together to workout or run can make it easier. Don gets together with a friend a couple times a week to workout together. Try a group run at your local Big Peach Running Co. location or get together with neighbors. There’s plenty of fun to be had!

Over the past two weeks Don has shared his story with us and now we want to hear yours! Join our What’s Your Excuse community and start working towards your running and fitness goals.