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What’s Your Excuse – The Journey

Don’t have time to workout? You’re not the only one! What’s your excuse?

Meet Tiffany Krumins. You may not know her personally, but you can probably relate to her story. She’s a mom, a small business owner, and a cancer survivor. Guess what? She has trouble finding the time to workout. Get to know her as we follow her journey as she changes the excuses that have held her back.

My running journey has not been the easiest. While growing up, I had a knee condition that caused my knees to pop completely out of joint if I stepped down or turned my leg the wrong way. It created a fear of running. With that said, I am very physically active. I rollerblade, ski and hike often. But I stick with predictable activities like those, where I oddly feel safer than running. 

I had never had a professional shoe fitting before visiting Big Peach Running Co. I find it funny that you used the terms “not a real runner,” because that is exactly how I’ve always described myself! 

My husband is a real runner, I stumble along. He glides, I feel like I am tripping over my own feet. So, the thought of entering a running shoe store and having an avid runner fit me for shoes, while I “run” on a treadmill, was VERY intimidating. I think what made it even more intimidating was the fact that people look at me and assume I might be a runner. Kristen played a huge part in making my fitting enjoyable. Although she is a runner, she wasn’t intimidating or pretentious, which was so refreshing. 

Having now had a fitting, I would say that the process is crucial to starting off on the right foot (pun intended)! I would hate for people to think they can’t ever be a “real runner” just because their shoes don’t fit properly, or because they just need some instruction on their stride. 

So, what’s your excuse? Maybe you don’t have time, or have something else that holds you back because you don’t “feel like a real runner.” You’re not alone! Join the movement as we break down the excuses that hold us back.