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Stores & Events Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message from our owner regarding our stores, upcoming events, and social runs as we navigate health & safety concerns around COVID-19.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


March 13, 2019

Greetings, Friends,

The genuine privilege our team is given to serve our communities – – paired with the frequent instances to see the lives of our Guests and Friends so favorably impacted by the work we do and the lifestyle we embrace – – truly makes my role as a local business owner even more gratifying today than it was in 2004 when we opened.  Even still, there are moments when uncertainty exists and decisions are, ultimately, made without having all the information you would like.

For sure, such is the case with considerations currently connected to novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

At the same time, our Leadership Team wants to provide you the updates and assurances you deserve related to our business and some of the activities we promote.  I know I will not touch each curiosity in this correspondence – – but I promise we’ll do everything we can to be of assistance and support during this public health concern.

Our stores are presently open and operating normal business hours.  Our Mission, “to grow, to support and to promote a pedestrian-active lifestyle,” is unchanged – – and our stores exist as essential community centers to do our mission-minded work.  At the same time – – and even though a tenet of the Guest Experience at Big Peach Running Co. has always been an obsession about the ENVIRONMENT WE PROVIDE FOR OUR GUESTS – – we have punctuated our high-standards for cleanliness with an increased emphasis on even more frequent cleaning of high traffic locations and surfaces, including fitting equipment, doors, restrooms, and light switches.  Our Guest Advocates are required to visit the restroom to wash his/her hands thoroughly after interacting with each Guest… and any equipment used by our Team or our Guests is sanitized prior to additional use.

Of course, you can always shop online at Shop BPRC.  Also, here’s a store listing, with a guarantee to reach someone (no recordings or press-button menus!) to check availability, do research or have something sent from that location.  If you’ve shopped with us before, we’ve your past purchases on-file.

ALPHARETTA: 678.739.4616 BROOKHAVEN: 404.816.8488
DECATUR: 404.377.7370 KENNESAW: 678.903.0022
MARIETTA: 770.579.0444 MIDTOWN: 404.602.9903
SUWANEE: 678.869.5012

Of course, our “Any Time for Any Reason” Return Policy comes with every purchase, whether in-store, online or over the phone.  We do not want you to worry if you’re not quite certain of your size or the model of shoes or other equipment you want…  If necessary, you can always bring or send it back.

To address another popular question, we have not yet experienced any supply-chain disruption.  We are fully stocked in each location and remain in close contact with all our valued business partners.  On the flip side, in an abundance of caution, we are suspending the Social Runs and special events at our stores beginning on Monday, March 16th.  We anticipate this will be a temporary measure and we will certainly keep you apprised of when we resume these important, festive occasions.  

For sure, we still confidently pledge the world-class service you so very much deserve and should expect from Big Peach Running Co.  At the same time, with recent announcements about local school closings and other unique developments, it is possible we will be operating with a smaller staff.  “Our Best Business Asset Is Our Team” is a Core Value at BPRC that makes it ordinary for us to easily and fully respect the priorities of our Team, including the modified arrangements they may now have relative to parenting, other schedules and the dynamics of this situation.  

In closing, I want to take this additional – – even if unexpected – – opportunity to thank you for your own participation in a fitness-minded lifestyle.  It matters.  YOU matter.  And there are those who are undoubtedly taking note of your commitment and discipline… and applying it to their own life in a manner that helps us all help each other.  The research still indicates that going for a run or walk with those you care about most or by yourself is still some of the best medicine and means to good health.  Of course, we encourage you to do just that!  After all, as we’ve always said and hoped for all in the communities in which we are so blessed to serve, “May Your Best Miles Be Those Covered On Foot!”

In good health,
Mike Cosentino

Big Peach Running Co.