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Sneak Peek – September 2019

Hi reader! It’s been a few months, but Sneak Peek returns with a fresh shoe roundup! For Sneak Peek – September 2019, we’ll be delving into the Mizuno Wave Rider 23, New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon 2, and the Altra Escalante 2.

Mizuno Wave Rider 23

Mizuno Wave Rider 23

Every time I see the number 23 I think of the Jumpman (aka Michael Jordan). That said, I have to wonder if Mizuno’s latest iteration of the popular Wave Rider will also defy gravity as the pace increases.

The Mizuno engineers didn’t change much in the Wave Rider 23 (still priced at $119.99). A new engineered mesh upper increases support and breathability, but the secure fit of the heel and midfoot endure to the delight of fans.

The Rider’s cornerstone characteristics stayed too. There’s the iconic Wave Plate, U4ic midsole, and sharp color patterns with names like “Dark Shadow” and “Campanula-Silver.” Prepare for liftoff, folks.

New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon 2

The Beacon. Like a lighthouse perched on the cliffs by an ocean for tired ships coming in to port, the Fresh Foam Beacon exudes a warmth that keeps drawing runners back. Frankly, this shoe is stellar. I loved the first Beacon, minus the recurring blisters on my heel. Speaking of which, the heel collar (aka”Ultraheel”) changed in the Beacon 2, so that’s encouraging. The upper is new too. Breathe easy, though, as the midsole and outsole stayed the same as version one. Whether your runs are in the city or along the coastline, short or long, don’t hesitate to reach for the value-priced Beacon ($119.99).

Altra Escalante 2

Altra Escalante 2

As a super fan of the original Altra Escalante, I can tell you firsthand that the Escalante 2 drastically evolved. Stiffer is the word that comes to mind. The reinforced upper, higher heel collar, and firm midsole reveal as much. As I said, stiff. Furthermore, the Escalante 2 gained weight—almost an ounce. Touted as a lightweight trainer, the weight increase took me by surprise. I’ve met runners who like the changes, but if you’re on the fence, drop by your local Big Peach store and give them a try before committing the $129.99.

That’s the end of Sneak Peek – September 2019, but stay in touch for future blog posts. The shoes keep coming year round!

Austin Bonds is a writer and Guest Advocate for the Suwanee store.