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Saucony Tempus Review

The Saucony Tempus is an entirely new model with a unique design to provide stability while using the latest midsole technology for a daily trainer that just might surprise you! Our reviewer went in with some preconceived notions and after putting some miles has a complete review of the brand new Saucony Tempus.

by Dave Martinez
Saucony Tempus

The Saucony Tempus is a daily trainer for those who need stability or for the individual that slightly overpronates to someone that overpronates moderately. If you were to analyze my gait, you’d see that I do tend to moderately overpronate but I’ve always run in neutral shoes. Whenever I have tried stability shoes, the firmness of the medial post (located under the arch) that provides that stability was always noticeable and slightly uncomfortable to me. Based on how I run, typically landing on the midfoot or forefoot, the amount of time my foot overpronates is reduced, and that is probably why I can get by running in a neutral shoe. I preface this review because I did not really expect to enjoy running in the Saucony Tempus but I was curious to give it a try based on how the shoe was designed to provide a stable platform.

The Saucony Tempus Design

The Saucony Tempus was designed from the ground up using the same “Super Foam” found in their carbon plated shoe, the Endorphin Pro (also found in the Endorphin Speed). Saucony calls this foam PWRRUN PB. The PB stands for Polyether Block Amide (PEBA) which is a thermoplastic elastomer that “offers a unique combination of low density, flexibility, small hysteresis, and excellent flex fatigue resistance.” This basically means that “PEBA” is lightweight, flexible, and durable. The key here is durability as many of these lightweight foams tend to compress significantly under repeated loads and over a short amount of time, become firmer. Originally found in its higher-priced performance shoes, the technology is making its way down to models for the everyday runner. The full-length PWRRUN PB is surrounded by a PWRRUN frame to provide stability. PWRRUN is the same midsole found in other models like the Saucony Ride, a neutral daily trainer. This design is what makes the Saucony Tempus unique. Both foams are light and found in their neutral shoe lineup but it’s the design that provides the stability in the Tempus while not making it feel like a typical stability shoe. Think of the PWRRUN frame as a horseshoe that wraps around both sides of your foot creating a cradle. The forefoot of the midsole also flares out to create a wider base which also creates stability.

Saucony Tempus PWRRUN PB Frame
PWRRUN BP Frame on lateral side wrapping around heel and then to the medial side.


The design of the Saucony Tempu upper allows for a roomy toe box. There is absolutely no rubbing on the sides of my toes which typically leads to abrasion that wears a hole in some shoes. Saucony also adds a think protective film where this would typically happen to add durability to that area just in case you have a wider forefoot. Moving from the toebox to the middle of the shoe, it tapers a bit to wrap the middle part of my foot. At first, I found the heel to be slightly loose but a strap that comes from the midsole helps secure the top of my foot. Once I pull the laces tightly (not overly tight) it seems to narrow the heel of the shoe making it feel locked in. Of course, if you really need to lock in the heel the additional eyelets allow for “Runners Loop” lacing for an even more locked-in heel.


Because I have run in the original Endorphin Pro using PWRRUN PB I thought the Tempus would feel similar. In other words, I thought it would feel a bit more bouncy and responsive but that was not the case. The reason for this is that the Endorphin Pro has a carbon fiber plate which makes that shoe responsive and gives it some pop or energy return. The Saucony Tempus made the ground disappear and any impact from the ground went unnoticed. While cushioned and protective it didn’t feel plush and that’s not a bad thing (unless that’s what you want). Typically shoes that are super soft and plush also feel slow and are something I’d prefer for really long miles or for those days when I need to recover and just need easy miles. Instead, the Saucony Tempus makes the ground disappear and lets you enjoy the run and forget that you’re even wearing shoes.


I took the Saucony Tempus for my first run and I must have come off a rest day because I ran one of my fastest paces compared to other lightweight daily trainers I’ve run in. The Tempus can go fast if you have the legs to push the pace. Due to the PWRRUN PB, my legs didn’t feel fatigued. I took the Tempus on vacation to Florida and did some easy runs (about 1:00/mile slower than normal pace) and it was also comfortable and made running by the ocean really enjoyable and easy. This also brings me to another point, the upper is really breathable. Running in high humidity and 80º in the morning, the shoes never felt hot.

Weight8.9 ozWeight7.9 oz
Drop8 mmDrop8 mm

Conclusion: Saucony Tempus

As someone that runs in neutral shoes, I was not expecting to like the Saucony Tempus. It is the shoe I reach for all the time for my daily runs (6 miles). Running is enjoyable and the miles disappear. Looking at a video of my stride, I do see a reduced amount of pronation, especially compared to the Endorphin Pro. The design of the PWRRUN frame and the upper definitely help with that. The Endorphin Pro’s upper is so light and minimal that it’s very easy to see the amount my foot overpronates. Comparing the videos, it’s like night and day. What I like about the Saucony Tempus is that I don’t feel any correction, guidance, or stability from the shoe. It just feels normal or natural. The benefit to using two types of lightweight foams in the midsole is a lightweight daily trainer, something that runners needing stability find lacking in other models.

The Saucony Tempus is a unicorn of a shoe because there are no others like it (expect the competition to notice and release similar models in the next year or two). It’s a shoe that could appeal to neutral or stability runners. It’s an everyday training shoe but for those not wanting to spend extra on a race shoe, you could use the Saucony Tempus for racing (there are no stability racing shoes that I’m aware of) as well. The outsole seems like it’s going to last a while as I have no visible wear after 50 miles.

The Saucony Tempus is available at all Big Peach Running Co. locations and of course, it’s available through our online store.

Saucony Tempus