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Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 Review

Do you crave a speedy shoe? Speed is the only gear the Endorphin Pro 3 knows! Saucony designed the latest generation of this model with a carbon-fiber plate and substantial PWRRUNPB foam cushioning. You will feel that return of energy with each stride as you take on the roads or race! Personal Best, here you come!

The Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 is a racing shoe and speed training shoe that is living up to all the hype leading to its launch. Specifics on the shoe include:

  • Category: Neutral
  • Heel-to-toe Offset: 8mm (39.5mm heel/31.5mm forefoot)
    • Peachy User experience, it is fitting true to size
  • Weight: Men’s 7.2 oz/Women’s 6.2 oz
  • Cool extra: This style is vegan and contains recycled materials

Peachy Runner Reviews

We had 3 Peachy runners wear the Endorphin Pro 3 on their runs to provide us back with in-depth reporting. They held back nothing – each of our reviewers provided honest detail and experience from their time in the shoe.

Cross Country Runner turned Road Racer

Jacob is a former Cross Country Runner currently running about 30 miles per week. He has his eye on a Half Marathon and matching that mileage and race day with the perfect shoe. He is very familiar with the original Endorphin Speed. That 1st version is still one of his favorite shoes ever so he was incredibly psyched to try on the newest iteration. Expectations were high going into this review!

He tested the shoe at multiple distances and paces. The shoe contributed most to his runs when taking the miles on a firmer surface, where the carbon plate, superfoam, and speedroll technology can both cushion your impact and provide a snappy and smooth toe-off transition. The Endorphin Pro 3 held up on mixed terrain (crushed gravel, flat grass fields) but there was a noticeable dropoff in energy return as the terrain absorbed more of the shock and thus took more energy out of the plate/foam combo.

The bubble gum pink shoe color is an eye-catcher! Once wearing it over the miles, multiple attributes kept catching his attention. Compared to the previous Endorphin Pro versions, Jacob found this generation to be lighter and more breathable.  In fact, the upper is so breathable that you can see straight through it!

A very interesting fit detail regards the heel counter where he experienced a small amount of heel irritation. When wearing the shoe with a sock that has a thicker heel tab like Balega and Feetures, he encountered issues with the heel counter rubbing into the tab. However, when paired with a thinner sock like Injinji or Swiftwick he had no issues. This issue will most likely vary depending on a user’s foot structure. Jacob wears a Men’s size 11 in a D width.

Overall, Jacob is ready for more miles in the Endorphin Pro 3 and to introduce it to you! He sums it up as a premium super shoe at a premium price well valued due to the latest technology embedded in the shoe. The lightness, breathability, & lockdown fit allows runners to perform their best on race day or on everyday runs. The ride is snappy, stable, smooth, and propulsive, and a hosts a team of foam and carbon fiber.

The Seasoned Runner

Dave’s sense of detail is ideal for shoe reviews. Over the years his running experiences have introduced him to all types of shoes and on all terrains. It’s safe to say he’s experienced the majority of brands and types of running shoes!

He was very eager to try out the Endorphin Pro 3. His excitement stems from the great race experience in the original Endorphin Pro back in March 2020 when the shoe was released for the Olympic Marathon Trials! Dave tested the shoe with great success running the Publix 13.1! He did not run in the 2nd version, but reviews stated that not much changed from the first to the second version. This 3rd version is where the magic happens!

Many might be like Dave and Jacob loving the original Endorphin Pro and now anxious to find out if their loved shoe has come out even better for the updates. The Endorphin Pro 3 has been redesigned with quite a bit more of the PWRRUN PB midsole. The heel measures 39.5mm just under the legal limit of 40mm set by World Athletics for competition racing. The previous version had a maximum stack height of 35.5mm. That’s now an additional 4mm of PWRRUN PB in the midsole! The midsole is also wider for additional stability. Despite that, it’s lighter than version 2. Comparing version 1 to version 3, the shoe feels drastically different.

Dave noted some specifics in the feel, “The Saucony Endorphin 3 has a slightly wider toe box compared to the previous versions. It looks a lot wider due to the base of the midsole flaring out. That width provides just enough room so it doesn’t feel constrictive”. Similar to Jacob, it took Dave a few runs to find the right comfort around the now more narrow heel collar. During his first run the shoe loosened up a little bit and he noticed some movement. On the second run, he adjusted the lacing halfway through the run. By the third run, he figured out how snug he needed to lace up the shoe to prevent it from loosening. The upper is very flexible and doesn’t provide much support. Once laced up properly, the Endorphin Pro 3 felt secure on his feet for his 6-mile runs.

A helpful note to our Triathletes and runners who prefer to run without socks. Dave shares, “I wouldn’t wear these without socks, so triathletes may need to steer clear or take the extra time to put socks on in transition. I do think your choice in socks can affect the impact of the upper on your feet. On my first run, I noticed a little bit of irritation on my little toe. I choose other socks (Swiftwick & Injinji) for my other runs and had no issues”.

On first impression, Dave assumed running in the Endorphin Pro 3 would be like running on soft and squishy pillows, he was happily surprised to feel significant responsive energy!  That being said, it doesn’t have the original version’s quick pop feeling that gave you a sensation of going fast. 

Dave took the Endorphin Pro 3 through a variety of pace runs. None of his runs ever felt like he was going fast simply because the cushioning reduced the impact on his legs. The additional width in the heel and forefoot contributed to a more stable feeling compared to the sense of pronating he experienced in the original Endorphin Pro. Caution to note due to the tall stack height: there was an instance when he ran around a barricade on the sidewalk and landed on a rock causing him to roll his ankle. With a tall stack height, it’s possible for those prone to rolling their ankle to be at risk. As long as you’re on a relatively level, stable surface, and paying attention to the road ahead, you should be stable.

Dave compared the flexibility between the original and version 3 finding that the new version flexes just a bit more. He shares, “I don’t know if the carbon fiber plate has been changed but the original is noticeably stiffer which is probably why it has a snappier and quicker feel. The Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 is definitely a shoe I would use for longer races (13.1 and up) and even longer recovery runs. It’s quite versatile and not just a shoe for race day”.

The Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 doesn’t feel like an exclusive race day only shoe like the original. Our reviewers would definitely wear it as a daily trainer based on how comfortable the midsole felt and how their legs didn’t feel beat up after their runs.

Global Long Distance Runner

Heather has run practically all over the globe, her running adventures are some of the best! She’s taken on different terrains and seasons. Considering the distances she often runs, she wears through her shoes quickly before needing that next pair. All that said, Heather is an excellent resource to test out the Endorphin Pro 3!

Heather is our one reviewer that does have experience in the Endorphin Pro 2. Heather immediately noticed that The Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 is much softer than version 2. A difference she noted in the Pro 3 compared to other shoes she’s familiar with is, “I found the thick PWRRUNPB cushioning gives it a softer feeling compared to the Nike plated shoes”.

She noted that with a higher stack height and more cushioning, she did miss some of the snappy feelings of the Endorphin Pro 2. Heather noted, ‘The bigger heel got in my way a bit’. (but with humor also self-critiqued that she probably needs to pick her feet up more!)  The speed roll is still there.

The most interesting part of her experience deals with her analysis of the shoe at different paces. Heather states, “I found the faster I ran; I felt the performance aspects of the shoe. At a slower pace, I felt like I sank into the cushioning more”.

Heather loves that Version 3 still has a nice roomy toe box. It fits ‘true to size’ and she felt the shoe secure around her ankle. She also felt this shoe was decently stable for a plated shoe. Air temperature was 95 degrees on one of the days she tested this shoe and it still proved super breathable. Heather will have this shoe on her rotation for longer efforts as well as fast runs. She concludes by saying, “I would definitely wear this shoe for a half or full marathon, I think the extra cushioning would be welcome on the long miles!”.

The Endorphin Pro 3: Concluding Thoughts

Saucony did an excellent job revising the Endorphin Pro. The shoe matched what our runners wanted in a carbon-fiber plated shoe through a variety of tests. As noted, each individual based on foot structure may need a few miles to determine their best type of sock and tying technique. Once all details are finalized, this shoe will be a part of your best recipe for a great race or training run.

We encourage you to shop and try on the shoes at one of our many convenient locations! If online shopping is more convenient and you know this is the right shoe for you, shop our New Releases section here to connect to the Endorphin Pro 3 for women & men.