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Run Hands free with the Koala Clip

Summer temperatures are here! As a result, we say good bye to the convenient pockets of running jackets and tights. Now, how do we carry our essential items (phone, ID, credit cards, cash, keys, etc)??  We found the Koala Clip, otherwise known as ‘the world’s most practical pocket’.  Our staff took that statement to the test.

By Megan Gorgone

Multi-sized Koala Clip pouches

The Koala Clip came through, meeting that need perfectly. Feedback is positive from our store staff that tried out the piece and some even report it’s their new favorite ‘must-have’! The first attractive feature when looking at the Koala Clip is the option of pouch sizing. There is Medium (4 1/4″ x 6″), Large (4 1/2″ x 6.5″) and Xtra Large (4 3/4″ x 7″) allowing it to fit a variety of items and phone sizes.


The true test of comfort is how unnoticeable and forgettable the pouch is when wearing it. Is there bounce, chafing, annoyance??? Our staff gave a definite no to all 3 factors. It is easily forgettable so you will run hands-free in comfort. Our staff reported the same satisfaction regardless of what size pouch was worn. In addition to our favorable reviews, Runner’s World listed the Koala Clip this past March as one of their “Best Running Gear for Women“.

The Koala Clip is best worn with the Racer Back style sports bra. The pouch settles right in-between the shoulder blades. Do not feel limited to that. It also fits well on the front of a sports bra or sideband of shorts or capri pants.

Koala Clip fits securely in your waistband Koala Clip fits well on the back of your sports bra


The pouch is made secure with a zipper top and a magnetic clip. As a result, your belongings are kept safe in the pouch and kept snug to your body.  The pouch fabric is soft and durable, plus we carry cute color patterns! The fabric is sweat and water-resistant; therefore, no damage to your phone or other while sweating through the summer months.

The Koala Clip is a great alternative to safely and conveniently carry your essentials. It’s a new option to the armband and the waist pouch. Our staff loves the Koala Clip and we hope you do too! All Big Peach locations carry it, come on in and try one on!