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Handful Sports Bras Review & Sport Bras 101

Finding the right sports bra isn’t just for vanity (although great looking colors that go with your tank definitely is an added bonus!). Wearing the right fit and feeling supported can improve performance. Here’s why you should consider Handful sports bras.

Handful Sports Bra Review & Sports Bra 101

Handful Sports Bra

A sports bra that is too tight can lead to chafing, limit breathing … and the worst: difficulty getting it on & off. And the opposite, wearing a sports bra too loose leaves you bouncy and limits your workout experience. We need to be like Goldilocks and find the fit that’s just right.

Biology lesson about correct fitting:  Breasts have no muscle fiber.  Therefore, its crucial to wear proper support to avoid overstretching both skin and Cooper’s Ligaments (ligaments near the breast which give them their size and shape).

Now that we understand the importance of fit, let’s dive into the details of one of our newest support tops: Handful Sports Bras. We are excited to introduce this brand to you!  Check out their website for a full viewing of their products.

It’s a bold claim Handfuls makes. “The most comfortable, versatile bras you’ve ever worn. Guaranteed.” Our Guest Advocates wore many of the styles through different workout intensities and have found this statement is proven true. We’re impressed!

Our Guest Advocates put Handful to the test:

We carry 4 Handful sports bra styles at Big Peach, here’s our personal review of each:

The Adjustable Handful Sports Bra 

Handful Sports BraThe original and most popular Handful sports bra. This bra is very comfortable and supportive for A/B cups and low/medium impact workouts – think Pilates, Yoga, Spin. Great bra for all-day wear as well. The adjustable straps match to a variety of tops (reconfigure the straps for wearing them traditional (like a regular bra), Xback or halter).

We found this model easy to adjust and comfortable in every way. This bra is most supportive when the straps are crossed in the back. Fun fact: These bras can double for a swimsuit top 🙂 Carla and Megan each purchased this style for their teenage daughters and both girls love them – both for style and comfort. For 2 teenagers to say positive things about anything means its definitely worth looking into!

The Y 

Handful Sports BraSuper comfortable for everyday wear. This bra is designed for B/C/D cups, most supportive in the B/C cups. The wider straps reduce pull in the neck while the wide band at the rib offers support for high impact activities. Runner’s World featured this style as a favorite!  This model is quickly becoming the staff favorite too! Melinda says “Handful’s Y-Back sports bra has become my number one running buddy! I love that it comfortably supports while also allowing me to breathe in deeply! No chafing in this beauty, a simple approach to sizing and cute styling make this a great choice for all”.

You’ll find a color/pattern that goes with your favorite tops, the designs are cute and colorful!

The Closer

Handful Sports BraThe most supportive of the three. The unique zipper front makes for easy removal after those sweaty workouts. This feature is ideal for those ladies lacking mobility and/or patience for the pull on/off (we’ve all been there, right ladies!?!) or back fastening bras.

Carla shares, “Since November I’ve done countless runs in both the Y-Back and Closer as well as countless yoga/HIIT workouts. We haven’t hit summer months but so far zero chafing. I really enjoy not having a clasp on the back for yoga or ab type activities”.

The Double Down

The wide support band is very comfortable both during the workout and daily wear.  The full coverage gives it an excellent support for high impact workouts from running to boot camp.  Kelli bought it initially for the fabric feel and the cute colorful patterns, but it’s now turned into her favorite sports bra for function.

Handful Features and Our Guest Advocates’ take on them:

Super soft wicking fabric –

The fabric is buttery soft and smooth. Megan likes to ensure durability with the wash test. Its held up now wearing and washing the bras now numerous times – no color washout, no stretching or shrinking.  She prefers to air dry, but you can put them in the dryer.

Minimal seams to reduce chafing –

Our Guest Advocates that have tried the bras have not reported even the slightest issue with chafing using any of the models.

Stackable pads –

Perfect for those guests that have uneven sides, or are undergoing single/double mastectomy, or nursing.

Easy to fit: t-shirt sizing –

Bras sizes run from XS-XL. Very straight forward instead of the traditional letter & number bra fit system.

Pad pocket perfect for stashing a gel, credit card, etc –

None of our testers used this feature to store GUs or the like. It can be convenient depending on the shirt or tank you have on. We wouldn’t use it for more than an ID or credit card in the winter when you are in long sleeves.

Ruching separates and avoids the uni-boob look –

Melinda worried about the ruching effect making the over shirt lay oddly, but no worries there. All shirts laid nicely over having a smooth front.

Handful’s philanthropic side

The facts sadly are that 1 in 8 women (12.5%) will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Handfuls donate 12.5% of their revenue from their Battle Cry Pink bras to Young Survival Coalition yearly. They also offer to all breast cancer survivors a lifetime 30% off Handful bras and activewear through their program Breast Friends Forever. And to any woman who loses a breast to cancer they offer Free pad sets that can be stacked and used as prosthetic in any pocket Handful bra.


We welcome you to our stores to try on the model or models that work best for you! We truly are picky about the products we bring into our store. Quality and value are of our highest concerns. The Handful sports bra brand knocks it out of the park!  At Big Peach Running Co., we will help you find the right fit and bra that fits your workout style.  Check out a previous blog “Are You in the Right Sports Bra? A guide to finding your perfect fit” for more details on finding that perfect sports bra.