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On Running Cloudswift Review

On Running has produced a great shoe in the newest generation of the Cloudswift.   It’s a lightweight trainer with neutral support offering a  great option for walkers and runners.    If you’ve been loyal to On, this shoe will keep you in the brand. If you are curious about wearing On, this shoe will win you over.

By Megan Gorgone

On Running Cloudswift has a new generation!  Unlike other brands, the On brand does not designate their shoe models with a version number.  But you can definitely feel the difference from its predecessor.  Some highlights of comparison between the current Cloudswift to its original model include:

  • lighter weight,
  • more cushion,
  • more pronounced rocker,
  • continued with the 1 piece upper for a sock-like fit

On Cloudswift in Glacier

The Helion™ Superfoam Effect in the On Running Cloudswift

The latest Cloudswift is touted by On as feeling: Softer, Smoother & Swifter. We’ll add in that our reviewers felt ample impact protection as well. The Cloudswift is made with On’s trademarked Helion™ superfoam.   The aim of this material:  make running on hard surfaces even easier than ever felt before.  This super foam makes the shoe feel light, yet durable. It also provides responsive energy return runners crave.  Another cool fact about Helion is that it’s temperature resistant.  The cushion feel remains consistent regardless of air/ground temperature. Even if running in the rain, you continue to feel traction to the ground.  Learn more about this revolutionary foam here.

Good to the Environment and Versatile to our Athletic Focuses

View of Cloudswift outsole made with On's brand new Helion superfoam

We appreciate On’s environmental focus.  The upper’s engineered mesh is made from 100% recycled materials.  We also like that On markets it honestly as an urban running shoe – meaning concrete miles.   The grooves in the sole are ideal for a cushioned, rocker feel, but the spacing is a magnet for picking up rocks, etc if taking it off-road.   The shoe is built with a neutral stability base and is very versatile.  Take it on the road for miles, to the gym for a Boot Camp workout, or onto the treadmill for a run …. then even out as a lifestyle shoe thanks to its stylish looks.   The complete package!


On Running Cloudswift Stats

Let’s dive into the details:

  • Estimated Weight:
    • Men’s 9.9 oz / 281g (US size 9)
    • Women  8.5 oz / 241 g  (US size 8)
  • Drop: 7mm
  • Support Level:  Neutral

Big Peach Guest Advocates’ Experience Feedback

Our Guest Advocates were anxious to put their own miles into the shoe!

Alex found the integrated tongue comfortable, but not super adjustable. He has a narrow and high-volume foot that best fits in a shoe with lots of adjustability and options for how tightly it can be laced. The toe box fitting is fantastic with a balanced feel of roominess while maintaining a secure fit.

He agrees that On Running Cloudswift hits the mark of being lightweight without sacrificing softness or security. The upper is very breathable as well.   Which is a great feature in the famous GA heat.

This shoe feels like a modern take on the classic daily trainer.  ON’s cloud elements underfoot lend to a responsive and cushioned ride.  Such details you’d expect from a trainer designed to get you through the most high-volume blocks of training.

Devin also provided valuable feedback.   Overall he was pleasantly surprised at how much he came to like the On Cloudswift. He had a few hesitations at first but it has really grown on him!

At first, Devin found the fit a little tight and narrow with his foot hanging out the side. Going up a half a size did not make much of a change in the fit.  Surprisingly the feel of the shoe is what grew on him the most. The arch support of the Cloudswift initially didn’t seem quite right nor in the right spot, but it broke in nicely after walking in it for a few days.
There is a nice “rocker” shape to the shoe. It’s very subtle but enough to keep Devin’s feet happy while moving. The foam has softened up over a break-in period and has brought a great “bounce” to the shoe. However, he would still consider it a firmer shoe.

Dave is a very experienced runner and racer.   The positive feel of the Cloudswift immediately grabbed his attention.  It’s lightweight, responsive, comfortable, and feels fast! There is a good amount of cushioning but he wouldn’t describe it as plush. It makes for a great all-around shoe for wearing either walking and running.

Dave finds the fit more comfortable in the current version versus the previous Cloudswift. Though notes, the toe box is more tapered than the previous version. He states, “I had a hard time getting a good fit in the original Cloudswift but this version fits much better. The heel felt a little loose as the heel collar is low but it was never an issue while running. The midfoot feels secure once the shoes are laced up for a locked-in fit”.
Dave noticed a bit of a rocker-like profile during his first run in the Cloudswift. He shared, “As I tend to land more on my mid-foot, I could feel the compression of the midsole under the arch of my foot. It wasn’t uncomfortable. It was just something I noticed, but the sensation faded away after a hundred yards into my run”.
Overall, The Cloudswift has a responsive feel while providing enough cushioning to dampen the impact of the road.  The Cloudswift is ideal for runs between 3-7 miles, which is exactly what the shoe was designed for.

Find the Cloudswift in-store or online

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