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New Balance 1080 v10 Fresh Foam Review

The New Balance 1080 v10 (version 10) came in under the radar at the end of 2019 but it’s become a fave among our team and our Guests. This version doesn’t look anything like the previous 9 versions and it could have easily been a completely new model. We have a full review and why you should consider trying out the New Balance 1080 v10.

By Dave Martinez

New Balance 1080 V10

Compared to previous versions, New Balance 1080 v10 looks like a completely different shoe. The upper is different. The profile/silhouette is different. The Midsole is different. The heel cup is different. For those that have been in the previous models, you’d probably say it’s a completely different shoe and I’d agree. While I never ran in previous models, I did try them on and thought they were okay but I never felt inspired to run in them. Once I took a look at version 10, I was not only inspired to try them on, I wanted to take them out for a run.

The New Balance 1080 v10 Midsole – Fresh Foam X

The New Balance 1080 is the premium version of the 880, so it’s always had additional features to improve comfort. Fresh Foam was introduced into the New Balance 1080 in version 6. Prior to that, traditional EVA foam was used along with a plastic/TPU(?) beam for support. With the introduction of Fresh Foam, the New Balance 1080 became a lighter shoe. Fresh Foam X is the next iteration of this foam and it’s even lighter. It’s designed to be cushioned but responsive, light but durable, providing the qualities most runners want in a shoe. Truth be told, it’s not only cushioned, it feels ultra-cushioned. New Balance claims that it’s 8.5% more cushioned and 7.5% lighter than the previous version. It’s clear that the New Balance 1080 v10 is designed for those long miles.

Testing the New Balance 1080 v10

I typically like to wear a shoe and walk around in it all day and that’s what I did while I worked at our Midtown location for a couple of weeks. You really get to feel how comfortable a shoe is when you’re on your feet for 8-10 hours, especially when it’s a concrete floor. Immediately walking around in them I could feel the cushioning. It’s plush. If you like a really soft shoe that provides comfort, you’ll like the New Balance 1080 v10. The upper is a stretchy engineered knit mesh that only improves the feeling of comfort.

So far I’ve put in approximately 50 miles in these shoes and distance has varied from 5 – 9 miles. Every time I run in the New Balance 1080 v10s the miles just disappear. I always seem to reach for them when I’m doing a long run or a recovery run, basically, I’m looking for comfort and they deliver every time. New Balance does state that there is some responsiveness to the midsole, and I agree but it’s not enough that I would say it feels like I’m running fast. Just enough so I don’t feel like I’m sinking into the shoe and running in sand. The outsole also has 2 different materials. More durable rubber for the areas where you’d expect more wear like the heel and toes. The midfoot area has an EVA material that helps with cushioning & traction while reducing weight. There’s also a small amount of exposed Fresh Foam X. The New Balance 1080 v10 looks like it has a rocker-like design but it’s not. However, the transition is very smooth no matter where you land.

New Balance 1080 v10


The fit feels secure in the midfoot and it’s generous in the toe box. If you like extra room in the toe box your foot runs slightly wide, The New Balance 1080 v10 should fit nicely. The upper is stretchy and it’ll stretch where you need it when you need it providing a comfortable fit. For those that typically need a wide shoe, you’ll be happy to know that New Balance does offer this model in wide versions (2E & 4E). The tongue is semi-gusseted, with straps attached to both sides of the tongue to keep it in place. As for sizing, I normally wear a size 10 and that’s what I got. It may run a hair long. While my foot doesn’t slip, I did check the distance of the toes to the front of the shoe and there was ample room. A little extra room on my left foot. If I wanted a more snug fit, I do feel that I could go down a half size without any issues.


If I had to describe the New Balance 1080 v10 in one word it would be comfortable. It’s a shoe I know I could take on a long run (10-15 miles) without thinking about how my feet or legs would feel because I know they wouldn’t be too fatigued. Typically, this is my recovery shoe after a long run in a different shoe, especially if I’ve done long trail miles. I could skip the run, or go for an easy run in the 1080s. Before the 1080s, I would’ve skipped the run. No more excuses for missing a run.


Plush and smooth! The shoe disappears and allows you just to run without thinking about what’s on your feet. It feels light so you don’t feel like it will slow you down. There’s enough responsiveness in the shoe that when you put in the effort, you’ll pick up the pace, it just won’t feel fast because you won’t feel the impact on the bottom of your feet or through your legs. It’s a shoe I’d recommend if you just want to go out and run, put on some music or a podcast and think of nothing else.

Weight 9.9 oz Weight 8.4 oz
Drop 8 mm Drop 8 mm



The New Balance 1010 v10 is a premium neutral cushioned shoe, with an emphasis on the cushion. This is a shoe that can go the distance and by the distance, I mean a marathon. Durability seems like it’ll last in the 350 – 400 miles. After 50 miles, the only sign of wear on the outsole is the exposed Fresh Foam in the rear mid-foot area.

The New Balance 1080 v10 is available at all locations and can be purchased online (free shipping).