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Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 Review

We welcomed the new Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 last month and it has been well received over these past few weeks, The Wave Inspire has always been a terrific option for road runners and walkers that need stability and desire good durability in a shoe.   The 17 delivers on both and adds in some terrific features to make the miles very comfortable.

by Megan Gorgone

Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

The shoe basics include:

  • Drop: 12mm
  • Weight:
    • Women’s 9.2oz
    • Men’s 10.9oz
  • Support Level:  Stability

Mizuno’s New Foam Enerzy and the Wave Plate

The most exciting part of this recent arrival is the new foam ‘Enerzy’.  Mizuno refers to this update as ‘Revolutionary’ …. and we agree!  The wedge of the foam sits in the heel and gives the user an increased cushion feel and the updated fan-shaped wave gets you there in the softest way possible.  It also adds to a really smooth transition as your foot strike flows from heel to toe-off.

Mizuno Wave Inspire has always had a positive snug feel around the foot and this continues to be true.  Ample toe box room, and a secure feeling around the midfoot and heel.    The stability to the base comes from the shoe’s Wave Plate.  It’s this feature that aids to better alignment for those that overpronate.  This assistance to alignment both helps the runner’s mobility and contributes to even wear of the shoe.

The Review Team

We had a great group of Big Peach Staff wear the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 to give us a first-hand account of their experiences with the shoe.

Our 8 reviewers, evenly split between 4 men and 4 women, are all seasoned runners with different foot structures to give valuable perspectives.  Some were very familiar with previous models of the Mizuno Wave Inspire and some were totally new to the shoe.   All ran relatively the same surfaces:  Road, Sidewalk, Greenway Path, one threw in a gravel path, and another put in the test miles exclusively on the treadmill.   The test miles ranged in total from 20 – 50+.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

Mizuno Wave Inspire 17: Fit, Feel and Ride Analysis

Of those that have run in the Wave Inspire before all were unanimous that the updates to #17 were the best to date.  One reviewer has over a 5-year dedication to the shoe! Other points of consistency were the expected firmer feel to the Mizuno compared to other brands continued and the fit is true to size for both men’s and women’s shoes.  Some felt the #16 ran short by about half a size.

Some of the users new to Mizuno were a little hesitant with expectations but as one put it, “The Wave Inspire initially felt bulky on my feet, I was worried that the transition wouldn’t feel very smooth on a run.  I was pleasantly surprised at the transition when I took it for a longer run at an easy pace.  It was a smooth comfortable ride on my runs between 5-13 miles’.

An interesting detail that had joint positive reviews was the gripping of the tread.  As we know, its been quite rainy the past few weeks, and a few of our testers remarked that “The weather last week was pretty bad, and I did run on some slippery surfaces, and I was impressed by the effective rubber grip the Inspires have on the bottom. Never slipped, tripped, or stumbled!”.

A few of our testers find they do normally wear a B width (ladies), D with (men’s) for most brands but with the more tailored fit of the Mizuno bumping up to a D and 2E width respectively would be better if they were taking the shoes out for a long run.  But if keeping it to a 5 miler or 5k the widths they wore for the testing would do them well.

Other features noted as desirable are the cushioned shoe tongue and cushion density of the heel collar.  Both contributing to a positive hold on the foot – no heel slippage experienced with any of our reviewers.  And all concluded the arch support felt perfect – it was supportive without being overly aggressive.  Most analyzed themselves as having a high to moderate arch.  But then it’s interesting to note that a reviewer has a family member with flat feet who tried on the pair and has since left his previous stability shoe for the Wave Inspire!

Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

The Final Call:  It passes the test!

In conclusion, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 passes the test and then some according to our review team.  The improved Enerzy foam, the fit is true to size, smooth transition heel to toe are all winning characteristics!   We are excited and ready to introduce you to this new model and hear your thoughts on the revisions and consistency of the Wave Inspire 17.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 17 can be found in all of our locations and can also be purchased online (free shipping) through our online store.