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Introducing The Asics METARIDE™!

The Asics METARIDE™  is a brand new shoe that is very unique and unlike anything, Asics has done before. Should you consider the Asics METARIDE™ as your next shoe? Keep reading as we breakdown all the technical advancements in this shoe.

Asics METARIDE™ – Innovation In Motion

ASICS claims the METARIDE™ as the most technologically-advanced running shoe. Specifically designed to propel you forward, the METARIDE™ model makes running longer, a little easier. First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way. When you hear most technologically-advance running shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. These days it’s not uncommon for a brand to release a new model with technological advancements to start at $250. The Asics METARIDE™ is no different.

Before we dive into the METARIDE™, let’s look back at another shoe from Asics, The METARUN™ released in December 2015. The METARUN™ was a concept shoe that also retailed for $250 (one of the very first in this price range). It was available for a limited time which I believe was 30 days and anything not sold had to be shipped back to Asics. With the METARUN™, several new technologies were introduced including a FLYTEFOAM®  midsole, Jacquard Mesh upper, Heel Clutching System, & X-Gel Technology. All of those advancements have gradually introduced into their legacy models like the Asics Gel-Cumulus, Gel-Nimbus, Gel-Kayano, & GT-2000, all models that we carry at Big Peach Running Co. So the concept proved true as all that technology “trickled down” to the lower-priced models.

Innovation In Motion is a collection of models including the METARIDE™ but it’s also a statement that Asics is dedicated to innovating and creating the best possible product to meet the demands of runners.

Asics METARIDE™ – Who Is it for?

Asics is targeting the serious runner for this particular model. At a $250 price point, Asics understands it’s not for everyone. It’s definitely for a runner wanting a better running experience than they’re currently having. Everyone should enjoy running. If a shoe can provide even more enjoyment, then why not?

It’s quite possible, just like the METARUN™, the technology from the METARIDE™ will trickle down to other models within their product line.

Asics METARIDE™ – The Technology

From the image, you may be able to tell that the METARIDE™ looks like it has a higher midsole. Asics states a stack height of 30 mm for women & 31 mm for men with a zero drop. This is Asics first zero drop shoe. For comparison, the Hoka Bondi has a stack height of 37 mm in the heel and 33 mm in the forefoot (4 mm drop). So the Asics METARIDE™ does not have as beefy of a midsole as a Hoka Bondi. The Asics Gel-Nimbus has a stack height of 31 mm in the heel and 21 mm in the forefoot (10 mm drop). Therefore the Asics METARIDE™ falls between the two models mentioned.


As far as weight, when compared to the Hoka Bondi & Asics Gel-Nimbus, the Asics METARIDE™ is lighter if only slightly in the men’s sizes and more noticeable in the women’s model.

  • Asics METARIDE ™: Men 10.7 oz (size 9), Women 8.9 oz (size 8)
  • Hoka Bondi: Men 10.8 oz (size 9),Women 9.4 oz (size 8)
  • Asics Gel-Nimbus: Men 11.1 ox (size 9), Women 9.6 (size 8)


Upper – Asics is using a performance knit upper as are a lot of other brands. Whether a knit upper is just a trend or if it’s here to stay is unknown. However, most people do enjoy a sock-like fit that is secure but flexible to move with the foot in motion.

Midsole – The use of FLYTEFOAM® Lyte & FLYTEFOAM® Propel creates a light midsole with a combination of cushioning and responsive feel that makes for an energized feel.

Gel Technology – Asics continues to use their gel technology but in a new configuration to minimize shock when landing on the heel.

3D Guidance Line Technology – Asics has had variations of this technology in other models. The purpose is to smooth the transition and improve footstrike efficiency.

GRIPSOLE ™ Outsole – The outsole is designed to be more durable with increased traction. Time will tell how durable the outsole will be.

Guidesole Technology – A first for Asics but others like Hoka have used this design for years. The design is to help drive efficiency and reduce shock with each stride.

The Asics METARIDE ™ is available at our Marietta & Midtown locations. Please stop by and try them on. If you’d rather shop online, we also have them available on our website for purchase with FREE Shipping!


Dave Martinez is the Director of Marketing for Big Peach Running Co. He is also an avid runner, running distances from 5K to 50Ks.