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How do you foam roll?

As runners, we hear that we need to foam roll all of the time. But how do you foam roll? We’ll help take the mystery out of the how, when, and why!

Foam Rolling

We all know that being able to run pain-free is an important part of sticking to a training plan! We know we’re supposed to stretch and foam roll, but how often do we dust off the foam roller and use it like we should. It’s a device that makes us think of torture instead of relief. What if we told you that spending 5-minutes a day, every day with your foam roller would help your running dramatically? Knots and tight muscles don’t just throw off your biomechanics, but can also throw off your balance, strength, and your muscle’s ability to fire correctly. So, where do you start with those 5-minutes of foam rolling? We’re looking at you, calves! It will come as no surprise to hear that most runners have tight calves. What you may not know is those tight calves could be causing knee problems, glute and low back problems, and may be causing that Plantar Fasciitis that you just can’t shake. It can also be one of the trickiest muscles to use the foam roller with, so we’re taking the mystery out of foam rolling your calves with Kristin Aziz, our Manager at Big Peach Running Co. Suwanee, who happens to have multiple certifications from TriggerPoint! For those just starting their foam rolling adventure check out the GRID video. For those who are looking to take their self-care to the next level, Kristin also walks you through the calf release on the Foundation Kit. The Foundation Kit was designed to get deeper into muscle tissue to help release the most stubborn knots with its three-part system of the baller block, roller, and massage balls that can help your calves, glutes, and shoulders. Take care of those calves this week! If you don’t have a foam roller stop by any of our Big Peach Running Co. locations or shop our online store. Remember, “May Your Best Miles Be Those Covered On Foot!”