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Ep. 70 – The RUNATL Podcast with Guest Steven Pressfield

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week on the RUNATL Podcast we feature Steven Pressfield best known for The Legend of Bagger Vance. We’re talking about “resistance” from his motivational book “The War of Art” and how you can overcome any resistance in meeting your goals this year!

RUNATL Podcast

Hello, Friends!

Man, what a thrill it was when learned Steven Pressfield was going to join us on our audio affair!! For me, it was less about the strong case that could be made that he is one of the greatest writers of our generation… and more about the awesome influence he’s had on my life through his writing.

To get to spend this time with him AND share him with you makes for an episode none of us will soon forget!

Here are our Show Notes for this most helpful conversation:

We celebrate and honor Martin Luther King, Jr., as we tape this episode on his birth date and release it on MLK Day.

To learn even more about our Featured Conversation, please visit here.

To purchase Mr. Pressfield’s books or begin to receive his musings and blog, check this out.

To watch the trailer for the movie Steven wrote set here in the great state of Georgia, see this.

Here’s an overview of the book that has been out for nearly twenty (20) years – – but is still changing lives today!

If Mike’s interview left you wanting more, here’s a little from Oprah… 😊

Here’s even more about the React Infinity Run that D2 previewed for us. Of course, come try it on at any Big Peach Running Co. location!

As always, thank you for listening and being part of the fun! We will be back in just a couple of weeks… See you then! In the meantime, MAY YOUR BEST MILES BE THOSE COVERED ON FOOT!
– Mike