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Ep. 67 – The RUNATL Podcast Small Business Saturday

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week on the RUNATL Podcast Mike & D2 sit down with our friends from Gu Energy, New Balance, & Feetures Socks to learn what makes them successful and how they share a common goal to get more people to be more active.

RUNATL Podcast

Hello, Friends!

It’s almost that time… yes, that time – – THANKSGIVING! We run. We feast. We family. And most importantly, we give thanks!

For sure, we sure are thankful for our listeners and the privilege to serve this market in the capacity we do! When someone asks us, “Are you working hard or hardly working,” we can say, “Both!” In this episode, we continue to post-Thanksgiving episode celebrating Small Business Saturday (11/30) and our “Show Your Work” efforts. More specifically, we feature other privately-held businesses that joined us at a recent Annual Planning Retreat to expand how business gets done in this industry…

And even though New Balance, GU Sports, and Feetures Socks are all based outside of Atlanta, we learn much from our Featured Conversation with these guests that we apply locally, personally and organizationally!

You’re going to enjoy this!

Here are the Show Notes:

To learn more about the origins of Small Business Saturday, check this out.

To see all that is already decided relative to the Olympic Marathon Trials that D2 referenced and that is coming to Atlanta next year, visit this site.

And here is some information about each of the organizations we’re featuring – New Balance, Gu Energy, & Feetures.

As always, thank you for listening and being part of the fun! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We will be back in just two (2) weeks… In the meantime, MAY YOUR BEST MILES BE THOSE COVERED ON FOOT!

– Mike