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Ep. 60 – The RUNATL Podcast

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week on the RUNATL Podcast Mike & D2 celebrate 60 episodes with candid thoughts on their favorite races, training, routes, shoes, and much more.

RUNATL Podcast

Hello, Friends!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!!! More specifically, this is the 60th episode of the RUNATL Podcast… and we’re celebrating with our “diamond edition” as a gift to you! In this installment, we’ll cover our own “diamond” answers to various pedestrian-active lifestyle considerations, in hopes that our answers will spawn your own thoughts, memories and plans! With this type of broadcast, the Show Notes could be either way too lengthy or non-existent. Said differently, it might be where there would be a note and link for everything we said on the podcast… or we, simply, recognize that the information we shared on the podcast can be so easily found by those interested in learning more. As such, the following are links that I just could not help myself to share – – and, yet, they are brief enough to be easily digested and also lacking enough to recognize the incredible giftedness of this audience! 😊 The Show Notes are below: The previous episodes we referenced in this episode were #39 (Jen Raby, David Carder), #45 (Christian Griffith) and #49 (Bob Kennedy). To see updated information about the Atlanta Beltline, click here. To find some great post-run caffeine and scones, try these links to get directions and whet the appetite. Land of a Thousand Hills Little Tart Bakeshop Inman Perk Coffee As always, thank you for listening and being part of the fun! We will be back full-tilt in just two (2) weeks… In the meantime, MAY YOUR BEST MILES BE THOSE COVERED ON FOOT! – Mike