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Ep. 5 – The RUNATL Podcast with Guests Bernard Lagat, Neely Gracey, & Carrie Tollefson

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week our Guests are Bernard Lagat, Neely Spence Gracey, & Carrie Tollefson.

RUNATL Podcast

Episode 5 – The RUNATL Podcast with Guests Bernard Lagat, Neely Gracy, & Carrie Tollefson

Greetings, Friends!

Congratulations to everyone who finished this year’s AJC Peachtree Road Race AND to everyone – whether they participated this year or not – who has already made plans to be at the Start Line in 2018!  Part of how D2 and I spent our time at the accompanying Peachtree Health & Fitness Expo was a Facebook Live event that brought us interviews with Coach Bill Thorn (the only person to have run all 48 Peachtree Road Races!), gubernatorial candidate and Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle, Cross-Country State Champion, Nicole Fegans and a variety of elite athletes who were in-town for the race.  For this podcast, D2 culls out the best interviews with some of the best runners in the field!  More specifically, we feature Bernard Lagat, Neely Spence Gracy and Carrie Tollefson in candid conversations that will help us not only train better – – but also live better!  You’re in for a treat!  Here is just a sampling of what you’ll hear: –  Bernard Lagat sharing the importance of nutrition… and his love of barbeque! –  Neely Spence Gracy reaffirming D2’s contention in Episode #4 about Hill Repeats… and her binge NetFlix habits during training cycles! –   Carrie Tollefson demonstrating the positive impact we have on others (our kids, our co-workers) when we model our own fitness-minded lifestyle… and her sleepwear of choice!

And, of course, here is the complete set of show notes for our fifth episode:

SHOW NOTES for Episode #5

For those who want to see the Facebook Live event in its entirety, please click here.

For those who want to learn more about Kilometer Kids or the referenced Charity Challenge (and even donate!), please check this out.

Here’s an overview of Bernard Lagat and his career accomplishments.

Here’s an overview of Neely Spence Gracy and her achievements to-date.

Here’s where you can continue to learn more from Neely.

Here’s an overview of Carrie Tollefson and her success.

Click here to “Get After It” and stay ready and inspired with Carrie. 

And, of course, please don’t forget that you can always connect with us AND enter your question for the “Podcast Payout” at!  In the next podcast, we’ll be giving away brand new RUNATL tees

Thank you for listening!  We will connect with you soon and be back the week of July 24th.  Until then, may your best miles be those covered on foot! – Mike

RUNATL Podcast