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Ep. 16 – The RUNATL Podcast with Guest Rob Brawner

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week we sit down with Rob Brawner, Executive Director of the Atlanta Beltline Partnership for our RUNATL “Feature Conversation”. Whether you’re familiar with the entire BeltLine project or you’ve never been on the BeltLine, you’ll need to listen to this week’s podcast to learn why it’s a must-do destination in our great city!

RUNATL Podcast

Greetings, Friends!

It comes with some confidence that we say this is likely the BIGGEST project on which we’ll ever dedicate some airtime – – The Atlanta Beltline!  And at a likely price tag in excess of $4.3 billion, you can see why we estimate such…  In our Featured Conversation, we sit down with Executive Director of the Atlanta Beltline Partnership, Inc. (ABP), Rob Brawner.  He stirs our emotions as to why this is such an important and historic initiative, as well as gives us an indication of what is both happening now and already in the works.  We also get ready for the Eastside 10k, one of the most dazzling and dynamic running events all year in Atlanta, with all proceeds going to the ABP.  This is an audio journey that adds meaning to hear-and-now AND lets you travel thru time in Atlanta!

Listen on!  Share often!  The Show Notes are below…

SHOW NOTES for Episode #16

There is no better way to get quickly familiar with The Atlanta Beltline or become deeply knowledgeable about it than visiting  Many of the links included below and much, much more can be gleaned thru this single location!

Time is of the essence!  The Eastside 10k is always the first weekend in December…  Learn more here.

And time rolls on in a BIG way, as this is the 2030 Strategic Implementation Plan for the Beltline.

To participate in any of the very cool events associated with Run. Walk. Go! or the activities that are health and fitness related to on the Beltline, click here.

Rob mentioned two (2) specific and easy ways to get involved with the ABP…  Check these out  Supporter Perks and Adopt-the-Atlanta BeltLine program.

These are the photos or the video that was referenced when Mike had the good fortune of traversing the Beltline a few years ag0 with Photojournalist, Ben Gray before much of the progress referenced in our interview was made.

To get registered for Big Peach Spring Break, use this link. Can you imagine!  This is a real, real, real break!  Luxury accommodations and world-class guiding services in the north GA mountains at a pace that suits everyone!  We hope to see you there!

Again, THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF THE FUN!!  And, of course, please don’t forget that you can always connect with us AND enter a question for the “Podcast Payout” at