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Ep. 139 – The Big Peach Ride + Run Podcast with Guest Emily Labutta

The Big Peach Ride + Run Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. Emily Labutta shares how she started running and progressed to running three 100-miler races in 2022. We also dive deep into the mindset required to accomplish that distance as well as how running has mentally transformed her.

Big Peach Ride + Run Podcast

Hey Friends!

Emily Labutta

We’re back after a short break and starting the new year with a great guest! Not only is Emily Labutta one of our own team members at our Marietta location but she did three 100-mile races last year. Emily shares how she got started running in running as a way to have some control over her life as she went to law school. She is a former Assistant District Attorney at the Carrol County District Attorney’s Office, a graduate of Emory School of Law, and is now studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. You’ll hear a bit more about Emily’s mental health and how running transformed how she views herself. She’s also the Race Director for Hot 2 Trot, one of the many races put on by the Georgia Ultrarunning and Trailrunning Society.

As someone who has never run a 100-miler but is toying with the idea of doing one, I had to what went through Emily’s mind during the low points and what others can learn from her experience. We only scratched the surface and I’m sure Emily will make another appearance on the podcast in the future.

Show Notes:

Here are some of the races & rides I’m looking at for 2023 for my goals. Depending on which ones I get into and how everything lines up will determine which one I do. If you’re not familiar with them, you should take a look.

For Training, I’m using Zwift for the bike and riding in the Winter with the Atlanta Winter Bike League.

Until next time…

Keep running, keep riding, and keep believing in yourself. – D2