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Ep. 12 – The RUNATL Podcast with Orion Racing

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week our “Feature Conversation” is with our friends at Orion Racing. Whether you’re a participant at one of the many races they work with or you’re planning on putting on your own race, you’ll have plenty of information and get a behind the scenes look at race directing.

RUNATL Podcast

Greetings, Friends!

The volume of Show Notes for this episode is light – – but the value of the content is HEAVY!  After all, there are very few of us who have been running for any length of time or who have done a few races who have not thought, “It would be a cool to put on a race!”  And, indeed, it is cool when it happens…  Our guests today, Kirk Childs, Rachel Langelotti, Kelly Bridges and Jesse Xayaseng from Orion Racing take us behind the scenes to learn what is required to pull it all together.  And for all those who still think they might try it someday or know others who would like to do so – – even for a good cause or a non-profit – – this broadcast will give you everything anyone needs to know to further that consideration and get started!

RUNATL Podcast

Listen on!  Share often!  The Show Notes are below…

SHOW NOTES for Episode #12

To see how much fun D2 had doubling up on races on a recent Saturday, check out these cool prospects for next year – Atlanta Rollergirls present: The Running of The Bulls and Dirty Spokes Iron Hill Night Trail Run.

To better get to know Orion Racing and see all the races and cool events in which they’re involved, check their website.

Again, THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF THE FUN!!  And, of course, please don’t forget that you can always connect with us AND enter your own question for the “Podcast Payout” at

We will connect with you soon and be back the week of October 30th.  Until then, may your best miles be those covered on foot!

– Mike

RUNATL Podcast