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Ep. 116 – The RUNATL Podcast – Running Supply Chain Issues

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week on the RUNATL Podcast Mike & “D2” share information about current supply chain issues affecting running brands, how it can affect you, and what we’re doing to ensure we have what you need.

2020 Year

Hello, Friends,

Is it necessary to say, “We’re living in strange times”?

In my opinion, not really.  Quite frankly, if that is not always true, it certainly is a state of being for the last few years!  And there are plenty of persons smarter than a couple of podcast hosts who would say that certainty is folly most times, anyway…  The better pursuit is clarity!

With that belief at hand, we’ve sought much information over the last few weeks to get a better understanding of what will transpire near- and mid-term with our business and the equipment we strive to match with our deserving Guests.  We’ve learned a bunch!  And this episode is us passing on this newly gain insight that is also likely to useful and interesting information to you.  We’ve covered availability, product shortages, global supply chains, the prospects for price increases and much more in an action packed 30-minute discussion… 

Here are the Show Notes:

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And that is it for the notes!  There is no need for cryptic clues or a treasure map for new headlines.  There abundant (and likely changing) every day!

As always, thank you for being part of the conversation.  We’ll see you in just a couple of weeks…  In the meantime, MAY YOUR BEST MILES BE THOSE COVERED ON FOOT!

– Mike