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Ep. 11 – The RUNATL Podcast with Guest Sarah Shanahan

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week our “Feature Conversation” is with Registered Dietitian Sarah Shanahan with Good Measure Meals. We discuss fueling for training and racing and how you can improve your overall nutrition.

RUNATL Podcast

Greetings, Friends!

Nutrition.  The word alone makes some of us recoil because we know it could – – it should – – be better for all of us.  But it can be difficult to start or even intimidating to learn what is most helpful and beneficial…  Not anymore!  Our Featured Conversation this episode is with Sarah Shanahan; she is a registered dietician and nutritionist, with 10+ years of experience, an Ivy League education and a present role with Good Measure Meals.  She brings it all to bare for D2, me and our listeners.  This will help you begin or continue to make the best choices for your diet AND for your upcoming training and races!  We also have a great question from the Podcast Payout that allows us to comment on shoe selection for training and racing and when a distressing amount of soreness finds your feet… 

Listen on!  Share often!  The Show Notes are below…

SHOW NOTES for Episode #11

To read more about the bid by Eliud Kipchoge to break the World Marathon Record and to get more information on D2’s comments about this year’s Berlin Marathon, please check this link.  Oh, and talk about a post-race beer…  Wow.  That’s a healthy portion (see photo).

To learn more about the race that D2 and I are doing this weekend at the 50k distance, visit this site. 

To find or revisit why the Chicago Marathon is (or was) that first 26.2-mile jaunt for so many – – including Sarah Shanahan and Mike Cosentino – – visit this page.

To acquaint yourself with Nancy Clark (referenced by Sarah) or further consider her Sports Nutrition Guidebook, use this link.

To gain access to all of the content that Sarah and Good Measure Meals puts on their blog for the benefit of all, use this link.

To read Sarah’s article correctly suggesting you cannot outrun poor diet choices, click this. If you don’t have Adobe Flash Player on your system, this should work.

This is the plate that Sarah referenced to help you visualize a healthy meal.
RUNATL Podcast
Credit: American Heart Association’s @AHAlivehealthy

To get additional insight into the services offered by Good Measure Meals, look at this PDF file.  

Again, THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF THE FUN!!  And, of course, please don’t forget that you can always connect with us AND enter your own question for the “Podcast Payout” at

We will connect with you soon and be back the week of October 16th.  Until then, may your best miles be those covered on foot!

– Mike

RUNATL Podcast