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Ep. 107 – The RUNATL Podcast Announcing Big Peach Ride + Run

The RUNATL Podcast is hosted by Big Peach Running Co. Founder, Mike Cosentino, and Director of Marketing, Dave “D2” Martinez. This week on the RUNATL Podcast D2 fills in as Guest Host as he brings us details of Big Peach Ride +Run.

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Hello, Friends,

This week’s we reveal more details regarding the announcement of our new concept – Big Peach Ride + Run at our Brookhaven location. Our Guests include Karen Malagorski & Chad Terry from Bikes Plus, based in Memphis, Tennessee. Mike is also our Guest and answers questions about the expansion of bikes at Big Peach.

We referenced the “Atlanta Magazine” issue on cycling in Atlanta, here’s the link to that issue online.

Below is the press release if you want some additional details.

Big Peach Running Co. Is Ready To “Take A Ride,” As It Begins To Serve Atlanta’s Bicycling Community

A new joint venture with Giant Bicycles USA (Newbury Park, CA) and BikesPlus (Memphis, TN) makes its debut this Summer as a “Ride + Run” concept in Brookhaven

(Atlanta, GA, June 1, 2021):  Big Peach Running Co., one of the largest specialty sporting goods retailers in the Southeast with seven (7) existing locations in the Atlanta area, announced the introduction of their new Ride + Run” concept.  It is slated for a Summer opening in Town Brookhaven and includes two (2) joint venture partners that bring immediate industry credibility to the prospects.  Bikes Plus, the largest and most tenured independent bike retailer in the Memphis area will oversee staff training and inventory management.  Additionally, Giant Bicycles USA, the North American business unit of Giant Manufacturing, the world’s largest premium bicycle manufacturer, will support this experience through its Retail Partner program.  Many of the bicycles available in the Ride + Run concept will be from brands that are exclusive to Giant USA, including Giant, Liv, and Momentum.  To accommodate this expansion, the existing store in Town Brookhaven is already undergoing certain floor space and stockroom modifications to prominently feature bicycle-related inventory alongside the footwear, apparel, and accessories already in stock for runners, walkers, and other fitness enthusiasts.  Gear and accessories from other prevalent brands in bicycling and a same-day service department will also be housed inside the store.

The Mission of Big Peach is to grow, support and enhance an active lifestyle in and around Atlanta.’  This initiative with our friends from Bikes Plus and Giant USA will allow us to do that to an even greater degree than we do now.  Most importantly, this will happen at a time when such is more important to all of us than ever before,” said Mike Cosentino, Founder, Big Peach Running Co.

Cosentino also provided a preview of what to expect on Opening Day for this concept.  Our commitment to the absolute best in customer service remains unchanged and will be equal across the entire range of products and services.  Inside the store, however, our Guests will be energized by the expanded possibilities associated with various activities that are already part of why it is such a privilege to call Atlanta, The State of Georgia, and the Southeast home…  Running, walking, hiking and biking – – it doesnt get any better than it is here for all those activities!”

“Partnering with retailers who understand that the experience is the premier deliverable is rare and exciting. The opportunity to work with two Hall of Fame-type retailers in the likes of Big Peach & Bikes Plus to raise the experience and set new benchmarks is so exciting”, said John Michael Thompson (“JT”), GM of Giant Bicycles USA.  Chad Terry, Owner, Bikes Plus, went on to say, “Bikes Plus could not be more excited about this new partnership with Big Peach.  This has been a symbiotic relationship from the jump with our shared customer experience and organizational culture.  Just as importantly, Bikes Plus has had the privilege to work with Giant Bicycles USA for over a decade and we know the strength they bring to this partnership with their best-in-class products and retail experience program.  Bikes Plus is looking forward to serving the Atlanta-area for years to come with our friends and partners and providing another avenue for Big Peach customers to enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle.”

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Big Peach Running Co. is Georgias largest specialty sporting goods retailer and one of the nations leading authorities on running equipment and training programs.  For additional information, please see the contact information listed above.

Giant is the world’s leading brand of high-quality bicycles and cycling gear. Part of the Giant Group, which was founded in 1972, the brand combines craftsmanship, technology and innovative design to help all riders unleash their full potential. Through its products, people, and retail partners, Giant delivers a full ecosystem of bikes and gear to optimize the cycling experience and grow the community. For more information, go to

Bikes Plus is a locally owned and operated bike shop with three existing locations in Memphis to serve the Mid-South area. Since their beginnings in 1988, Bikes Plus has grown to become a full-service bicycle shop for the entire family and fitness community.

Liv Cycling is the only comprehensive cycling brand in the world dedicated solely to women. Founded in 2008 by Giant executive Bonnie Tu as part of the Giant Group, Liv creates innovative bicycles and gear to fit and perform at the highest level. Liv aims to empower all female riders from beginners to pros. With a global team of retailers, athletes, and events, plus a growing online presence focused on riding skills, bike maintenance, nutrition, travel, and other experiences –Liv strives to support the community and be the number one resource for women cyclists around the world.