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August Update

Message from our owner regarding our stores, racial equality, & events.

August Update

August 17, 2020

Greetings, Friends,

After a couple of months earlier this year when I prepared an update almost every week, I would like to suggest we’ve now returned to each day offering loads of predictability and almost everything being similar to how it was last year at this time…

But I know there is no one who thinks that is true.

Most notably, I hope all who are balancing the demands of a new, altered, uncertain, and ever-changing school year are finding silver linings and discovering new skills with each passing day.  Even more importantly, for those who have had the headlines of this year come literally crashing through their front door, I hope and pray for healing and days ahead that bring known significance to your distress and disappointment currently…

It has been over two (2) months since my last message.  Candidly speaking, I wanted to spread the word on some items I believe are worth knowing (and, yes, are potentially good for our business and the lifestyle we serve…).  I also wanted to ensure the proper personal and continued accountability necessary for some things to which we previously committed.  Here it goes!

In-Store Appointments:  Walk-In OR Schedule Online
I cannot thank our Team or our Guests enough for the discipline and level of seriousness to which our safety protocols and sanitization efforts have been adhered and administered.  In each of our locations, our strong desire and encouragement for each of our Guests to wear masks have been rewarded with over 90% of Guests estimated to be doing so in the last few weeks.  Moreover, the recommended social distancing practices in the stores, near the merchandise and at our registers have been followed without issue.  Equally relevant, the cleaning supplies we’ve procured – – that are hospital-grade and also used in childcare environments – – are now regular performers on our stage and are bona fide stars of the Sanitization Show!  Yes, our Peach-flavored air freshener now plays second-chair to the smell of freshly cleaned…  BUT we know it is all worth it AND part of our posted Promise “to continually provide our Guests an environment that is (among other considerations) comfortable.”

More recently, we’ve expanded our scheduling capabilities to now allow advanced bookings for in-store appointments!  Yes, our Virtual Fittings continue for those Guests who are not yet ready to come inside our stores or who like the convenience of this “pre-fit” or virtual consultation…  BUT you can now also tell us when you plan to arrive so we can have space inside our store allocated and reserved for you.  Moreover, for those Guests who shopped with us previously, we can pull your Guest Profile, so we already know sizing information and historical preferences upon your arrival!  Learn more (or schedule) here.  Of course, our entire selection of Footwear and many other items can be researched and/or purchased online at

Earlier this Summer, the Running, Walking and Fitness communities joined together to raise almost $6,000.00 for the Partnership for Southern Equity through our UNITED Tee.  And though such a contribution was a solid way to commence a reckoning of our own, we found that we are falling short of continuous improvement with those opportunities that specifically serve our Black brothers and sisters through this lifestyle and our own organization.  The fact is that less than Ten Percent (10%) of our organization currently is Black; and in more than ten (10) years, we’ve only had four (4) members of our Leadership Team who were Black…  We can, must and will do better!

Here’s what we’ve done, thus far (with much more to do):
– We’ve surveyed each of our current Black Team Members.  For those who were comfortable sharing, we asked – – among other things – – what it is like to be Black at Big Peach Running Co. and as a participant in a Pedestrian-Active Lifestyle.  The answers were encouraging, thought-provoking and deservedly challenging.
– We’ve signed the Outdoor CEO Diversity Project Pledge to help us identify resources for increased diversification and education on pertinent matters – – and to further hold ourselves accountable to the change we must affect.
– We’ve created an unofficial panel of Advisors to give us insightful guidance and ground-level visibility into which possibilities for our various resources are most appropriate as immediate and ongoing priorities.

Also, for those who have not already heard the stirring RUNATL Podcast episode we released on June 21st with various Black entrepreneurs and leaders in the communities we serve, use this link to give it a listen.  We will have future content that is equally obvious in its intent to more fully address the racial inequity that presently exists in this lifestyle.

There is no Big Peach Sizzler in 2020 – – BUT There is a SIZZLIN’ 65!
In 2010, Big Peach Running Co. bequeathed our Big Peach Sizzler race to our beneficiary, Miles For Cystic Fibrosis (M4CF).  As a Board member since inception of this non-profit supporting patients and families living with the marathon condition of Cystic Fibrosis (learn more here), we knew they were better positioned to help this event reach its experiential and financial potential…  Of course, that means this year is the tenth year since the transition of ownership!  And we were, indeed, correct that M4CF would bolster this special event.  In the decade since M4CF took control, race participation has doubled, a 5k has been added to the longstanding 10k, and numerous partners and added features have been incorporated.  To date, this race has raised almost $700,000 for this special and critical organization!

Even so (and not surprisingly), the 10th Anniversary of Big Peach Sizzler under M4CF ownership has been furloughed to Labor Day 2021  HOWEVER, we still have something incredibly cool for you, where you can get the best out of yourself AND help the important work done for those affected by CF!  It’s the Sizzlin’ 65 Challenge!!!  All the information is here, including your map to a virtual and pedestrian-active trip around I-285!  I hope you’ll join me in taking this meaningful jaunt, as the needs have never been greater for the Cystic Fibrosis community…  As you know, the community of runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts in the Atlanta area always step up and make a BIG difference!

Although we’ve indicated such before, it remains so true…   We cannot express our appreciation adequately enough for the incredible support, encouragement, patronage and inspiration you have provided to our organization.  We are also most thankful for those helping those who are suffering most…  It remains true that even proper distancing and isolation do not prevent our community from coming together in powerful ways.  And with whatever comes next – – we are most certainly better together!

We love and appreciate you!

“May Your Best Miles Be Those Covered On Foot!”
Mike Cosentino
Big Peach Running Co.