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Altra Rivera Review

We have a new Altra shoe on our Shoe Wall this summer:  The Altra Rivera!  The Rivera is made with a well-fitting tailored hold. The shoe stays true to the Altra brand with its supreme level of comfort and zero drop.  The Rivera is designed with the Altra EGO™ midsole foam giving runners and walkers a responsive feel along with an overall soft ride.  Your feet will say Thank You after runs in the Rivera!

by Megan Gorgone

Meet the Guest Advocates testing out the Altra Rivera

Our Guest Advocates were excited over the landing of this new model and were anxious to try it out.   They put the shoe to the test and shared their experiences on the shoe’s fit, feel, and ride.

  • Genny ran over 20 miles in the Rivera giving the shoe thorough testing.  She summed up the experience as calling the Rivera a terrific go-to shoe for training miles.   
  • Edward is a current Altra runner running in the Torin Plush. His positive experience with Altra had him excited to test out the Rivera!  He was happy to report about his great experience in his Rivera trial.   In summary, he states, “Rivera is a great lightweight trainer. Perfect for Big Peach Guests looking for a moderate cushion, responsive ride, and a more grounded feel”.
  • Dea put in the miles on this shoe!  She came into the experience hesitant having always run in higher drop, stability shoes, and she has some Achilles sensitivity.  All that taken into consideration, she loved the shoe for her shorter distance runs.
  • Renae has been a regular in the Altra brand for a few years.  She runs in the Torin for road miles and for the trail she grabs either the Timp or Olympus.  With that background, she came into the trial here with high expectations but a feel for detail seeing how the Rivera measures up.  At the end of her testing miles, she concludes that the Rivera is a perfect fit between the road shoes Escalante and Torin.
  • Kirk has tried both the Torin and Rivera.  The Rivera is his preferred due to the snugger fit of the toe box.  He finds the shoe built true to size.  In other brands, he wears an 11 and this continues with the Rivera.
  • Austin welcomed the opportunity to try out the Rivera,  He shares, “I haven’t run in Altra road models much in the past few years, but the Rivera is a nice surprise”.


Altra Rivera
Genny found the streamlined signature FootShape provides a fit that allows her toes to relax while supporting her midfoot/heel.  That roomy toe box is what draws Edward to the shoe.   He also notes liking the thicker tongue, which was different than the Escalante and Torin.  
Edward shared that, “The zero-drop helped promote me to lean forward and run at a really nice pace. I did have a little lateral movement in the shoe and had to tie them tighter. The toe box is roomy, but not as much as other Altras. I actually enjoyed the Rivera’s toe box width during my runs”.
All our Guest Advocates found the Rivera fitting a little snugger relative to other Altra models a positive.  Dea adds in saying, “In fact, this shoe fits my feet perfectly. I still had that “roominess” in the toe box that Altra is known for, but not too much. My feet are on the wider side, so I could see how this shoe might be a little too wide/roomy for those with more narrow feet. I was concerned about the thick cushion of the tongue & collar, but it didn’t cause any discomfort during my run. In fact, it kind of felt like a little pillow securing my foot in place. The knit upper was very supportive, breathable & flexible”.
Austin found the Rivera to pass all the tests of a proper fitting:  The midfoot locks down well,  the foot-shaped toe box is spacious but not overly so (and therefore should accommodate more foot types). The engineered mesh upper, padded heel, and tongue round out for a solid daily trainer (that performs well at harder efforts too).


Altra Rivera

Genny summed up the Rivera’s feel as having the familiar feel Altra runners/walkers expect and will easily entice those new to the brand.  Our Guest Advocates unanimously agree that the new EGO™ midsole foam is lightweight and provides plenty of cushion for mid-long distance training.  Edward furthers the point by remarking about its good responsiveness and energy return.  

Dea and Renae commented that Altra does a great job making the shoe very lightweight without sacrificing a substantial cushion feel. Dea gives the ultimate compliment saying “It definitely put a little “pep” into my run and made it more enjoyable”!  The Rivera is constructed with 26 mm of the Altra’s EGO midsole, our Guest Advocates are deeming this the perfect measurement for comfort!
Austin gives a good perspective on how the Rivera compares to the other Altra models we carry.  He forecasts if a runner finds the Escalante too light and the Torin is too soft, the Rivera fills that middle ground well. In other words, the Goldilocks of Altra!


Altra Rivera

This shoe is very versatile.  Renae notes she uses it as a daily trainer and a great go-to shoe for other workout types.  Bring it for a strength or boot camp workout or either long or short distance runs.  Austin echoes that thought, “Whether you’re using it for speed work, easy runs, or a lengthy long run, the Rivera can handle the workload with ease”.

Kirk notices the zero drop difference immediately.  He shares, “As one would expect with a zero drop shoe, I definitely feel the difference in the ride vs. my normal trainer that has an 8mm drop.  While I don’t plan on changing to Altra for my daily trainer, I do feel the ride is smooth and comfortable.  I think the ride and overall comfort of the shoe should make it a shoe worth keeping in the lineup”.

Our Guest Advocates are ready to help fit you to your best size in the Altra Rivera. Visit any of our Big Peach Running Co. locations or visit our online store.