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A Note From Mike

Our Founder, Mike Cosentino, shares some personal updates as well as some ongoing programs at Big Peach Running Co.

Greetings, Friends,

Before launching into my first Quarterly Connection of the year, I want to thank all who were aware of the accident involving my son…  Your prayers, kindness, support, and encouragement literally carried us.  As we saw on numerous occasions just last year, the Atlanta-area fitness community comes together like no other during heartbreak and tragedy.  I had no idea how firsthand I would witness such – – but, man, it is a force of power like no other… and I cannot possibly indicate the gratitude my family and I have for it and YOU.  You are so very much appreciated!  For sure, I am happy to report that my son is doing really well…  Even though he will have some restrictions over the next couple of years, he will make a full recovery – – and we have our family fully intact.  We are also pleased that the Georgia General Assembly – – in barely more than three (3) weeks and by unanimous vote – – has passed House Resolution #282, dedicating the intersection where the accident occurred to my son’s friend who passed as the Sydnie Grace Jones Memorial Intersection.  Much thanks, too, to all of you who supported this measure.

Now, onto our Big Peach-related matters…

Big Peach Running Co. came into this year with validated optimism.  For sure, implications of COVID-19 inflicted obvious challenge into everyone’s life and most sectors of the Retail industry.  Of course, alongside the confusion, disappointment, and loss associated with the pandemic, the exponential increase in popularity of the activities we promote was undeniable.  In fact, it is suspected that more persons than ever before are regularly walking, hiking and running…  And with a Mission at BPRC “To Grow, Support and Enhance a Pedestrian-Active Lifestyle,” we now regularly indicate that “the mission field is ripe!”

As we readied ourselves for Spring/Summer, we started with an assessment of items or efforts from 2020 that might not have otherwise come naturally – – but we now certainly believe have merit and relevance in the months ahead.  These are elements birthed last year that now both become part of a worthwhile legacy for such a trying year… AND seemingly cast some illumination for a bright future for us and those we wish to serve.  Here are the specifics:

Curbside Pick-up… Parking Lot Pick-up…  Drive-By Pick-up
Call it what you want, but… were curbs invented in 2020?  Of course not.  As such, it is amazing to me that it took a worldwide pandemic to awake us (and retailers everywhere) to the convenience for our Guests remaining in their car, while we bring their desired products to them.  Whether you purchase or reserve online to pick-up at the store or call ahead for something you want, just call us when you want us to come out to you!  With plenty of nearby parking and mobile payment processing that can be done in a jiffy, “Curbside” is here for good at BPRC!  At the bottom of this link, you can find the phone number for each of our locations.

Virtual Training Programs
Although we continue to believe in – – and remain committed to – – Group fitness activities (when the time is right), we also now recognize the collective benefit in free, virtual activities!  No drive times, no designated times, no downtimes – – we get it.  Always available and at your fingertips.  And it’s here to stay!  Even more specifically, our first blended effort, with both in-person and virtual training inclusions has already started registration…  If you’re planning on this year’s AJC Peachtree Road Race or are inspired to ensure a solid 10-kilometer distance base for the Summer, you can learn more about the free program or “VIPeachy” option through this link  And, yes, we will continue this hybrid approach in the Fall and next year!

Let Us Come To You:  Big Peach On-Wheels &
Obviously, we’re not out of the woods yet on distancing and mitigation.  And we fully understand there are many who are still not ready or fully comfortable immersing themselves in less than completely calculated environments.  At the same time, we believe two pre-pandemic initiatives of ours have current relevance to this group – – and ongoing relevance to all!  The enhancements to your online shopping experience at began in December 2019… and they have only continued with rapid acceleration over the last 12+ months.  Whether you do not yet want to leave home – – or just prefer it on your doorstep – – check it out!

Also, Big Peach On-Wheels always loved (and still does!) visiting our Corporate/Workplace and School/Team partners.  However, in the last six (6) months, the joy we have experienced visiting residential communities (subdivision, apartment, neighborhood association, 55+ and townhome) has been almost unparalleled!  Without suggesting that any of us even have a social committee or decision-making authority in our own backyards, those who do should check out this link to learn more about us bringing our fit process, fun, inventory, and team to you!

In conclusion, our team knows that all of us have sensed AND experienced legitimate shifting recently.  No one has been spared.  In some instances, it has been an inconvenience.  In even more instances, it has been confusion…  In way too many instances, it has been tragic and distressing.

And now, it seems (finally!), there is an increasing number of instances when short- or even long-term benefit might be part of that shift.  Really, I suppose, the resulting challenges and changes from last year – – and the current progression – – should not surprise us. The truth is that a worldwide pandemic, social injustice, racial inequality, and political turbulence should jolt us.  After all, we do comprise humanity – – and we are seemingly designed for emotion… and progress… and improvement.

Still, none are guaranteed.  All those elements are more like running or walking… where forward motion makes a tangible difference – – AND the momentum occurs only after movement has commenced.

THANK YOU for being part of the momentum!  You are so very much appreciated!  With deep gratitude, thank you for the privilege to be of service to you and be part of your own remarkable journey!

In good health,
Mike Cosentino
Big Peach Running Co.