Troy Rushing

My Visit Today

Wow!! Super impressed with the staff, process and store. It seemed quite busy and everyone was awesome.  Even watched interactions with other customers when out manned.  They are an awesome crew!!  They greeted everyone and assisted perfectly.  I don’t think anyone left without buying.  Probably 5 or 6 customers, including me.  

I have a better understanding of the fit process.  Central to the experience.  Produces great results. Blew it up on Yelp in the parking lot…. 

Seriously, the best shoe experience I’ve ever had.  April served me up with 3 pairs of perfectly fitting shoes.  Talked with Bobby for a bit as well, but had an appointment and there were people waiting to check out, so I didn’t want to overstay my welcome.  Super guy.  

I stocked up on some RUN ATL hats for the boys and a shirt for myself.  Thanks for the crazy discount!!  Please tell the guys thanks as well.  

Have a great weekend!!!  GO DAWGS!!