Big Peach is the only place you’ll need to visit

After 20+ years away from running it was fantastic to walk into Big Peach and talk with such a knowledgeable team member about my past injuries, my running goals and the latest running technology. Being out of the running loop for so long I needed to speak with an expert, but one that had the patience to work with me as if I were a complete beginner. If I could only use two words to describe the Big Peach staff they would be “expert” and “patient”. In addition, the technology they employ to ensure you get the right shoe is amazing. Their ability to make precise measurements of my feet and evaluate my pronation tendencies and gait were incredible. If you’re new to running or getting back in the game like me, Big Peach is the only place you’ll need to visit. Two thumbs up, five stars or 10 out of 10, however you want to score it, Big Peach is great.