Scott Burkey

I’ll continue buying from you guys!

Long-time customer of Big Peach. Two really good things about BPRC are:

1. Putting new runners on the treadmill and helping them find the right shoes. I refer new runners to Big Peach all the time for this!

2. No-hassle return policy. The slightly higher price (over the web) that you pay at BPRC is worth it for many reasons. Probably the biggest reason to buy in-store is they will take shoes back if you don’t like them. Period. No hassles.

BPRC is like any other retail chain and they have Guest Advocates that have bad days or are not totally great at dealing with the public but mostly the staff is very competent, helpful and knowledgeable. Alex at the (new) Decatur location did a great job helping me yesterday as a matter of fact!

Keep up the good work and I’ll continue buying from you guys!