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Thank you again, Erin and Big Peach

Dear Big Peach, Donna and I were visiting family over Thanksgiving week. They live near Decatur. We live in Houston. We noted that our grandson was in need of a new pair of running shoes and Big Peach came recommended to us. Arrangements were made for us to meet with grandson about 11 am on November 26th at the Decatur store. Donna and I arrived first and were met at the front area by Erin. I initially intended to just shop and wait for my grandson, but during a conversation with Erin about shoes, I realized she really knew what she was talking about. I had initially planned to order my own shoes on-line as I also needed shoes, but while visiting with Erin, I tried several pairs on and bought a pair of Asics. My grandson arrived and Erin fitted him with a pair of New Balance shoes. We left the store and I realized that my Donna also needed a new pair and talked her into returning to the store. Partly, this was because of the confidence I had in Erin to fit the shoes correctly. We returned to the store and Erin did, indeed, fit Donna with her own pair of walking shoes. We wanted to make you aware of our very positive experience with Erin. She must be a very valuable employee as she is very knowledgeable about shoes, has a lot of confidence in her ability, and was very conscientious in her approach to fitting the shoes. Thank you again, Erin and Big Peach….Paul and Donna Motard