Lawrence Guyton

had such a wonderful experience

My name is Lawrence Guyton and I am about to run my first full marathon (Publix). I went into my favorite running store, Big Peach Decatur and had such a wonderful experience. All thanks to a sales associate by the name of Erin! She is super awesome! This was the second time I had been to the store when she was there, and even though I didn’t purchase anything the first time (at least I don’t think so), she remembers me! Which was a big deal to me. Though I was there with a recently purchased gift card for my birthday, Erin never pressured me to buy anything. She eagerly went back and forth until she helped me to find the perfect shoe (the Brooks Adrenaline GTA 18). She was funny and encouraging. She made it seem as if we were friends forever. I can’t say enough about how great my shopping experience was, and it was largely due to your super-duper sales associate ERIN!!!! (and Alex wasn’t too bad either) My only complaint about her is that she is a N. O. saints fan. Well, guess nobody’s perfect. Thanks again!
Happy Running!!!