Ken Devine

perfect example of how to deliver the same high standard of customer service to everyone

After not having purchased running shoes in over six years, I’d narrowed down my shoe choice to Brooks and was planning on buying them from Dick’s Sporting Goods using a gift card. But after trying the shoes on at Dick’s, they didn’t have the extra width I needed, and I subsequently noticed that Big Peach did. So the plan was to determine the size and width I needed at Big Peach, then purchase the shoes online at Dick’s. I felt bad about this from Big Peach’s perspective, but I didn’t want my gift card to go to waste.

When I got to the Alpharetta store, I was upfront about the situation with the sales rep who helped me, Chris, and he understood and was totally cool with it. He treated me like any other customer and took his time to figure out what the best type of running shoe I needed was. He was patient in educating me on shoe terminology and technology, which I had no idea existed. He also brought out other shoes for me to try on for comparison to make sure I was getting in the right shoe.

As it turned out, the New Balance shoes I tried on felt amazing right away, and because Dick’s didn’t carry them, I happily purchased the pair from Big Peach on site. It would’ve been nice to use the Dick’s gift card, but the most important thing was making sure I came away with the best-feeling running shoes. It was a great experience and now I know I can rely on Big Peach in the future to accommodate my wide-foot needs.

Moreover, it was a perfect example of how to deliver the same high standard of customer service to everyone, because Chris’s patience not only ended up giving me the best shoe, but it ended up netting another sale for Big Peach while gaining a future customer. Thanks again!