Jon Hazelwood

I will truly be a Big Peach customer for life

I will ALWAYS buy my running shoes at Big Peach!!! Here’s my story – please take a second to read it. I tried a new brand of sneaker I had never owned before thinking I could overcome my knee pain with the right shoe. They felt great with a ton of cushion and support for my flat feet and I was sure I could get back to my younger form, running long distances on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the very first time I tried to run, I felt intense knee pain and had to stop. My doctor said that due to my age, and the condition my knee was in, I should resign myself to walking only. I agreed with her. I started walking briskly on my treadmill every morning and would increase the incline every other “virtual lap” to get a really good workout. Then my second problem arose. I was getting massive blisters on both big toes and no matter what socks I tried, my condition worsened. I was frustrated for sure ! I set my beautiful new sneakers in my closet and would see them everyday gathering dust as a reminder of my failure to get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. I was glad that I tried a new brand, but I regretted wasting so much money on them. Days later, I started shopping on the Big Peach website and figured I would just take the loss and move on. Then I saw the “happiness guarantee”. I was hoping for a small credit on my shoes, I mean, after all, I had worn them and it was my fault that I bought the wrong brand – not the store’s fault. When I called the store and was told to come by to swap them out, I was floored!!! I immediately headed to the Alpharetta location and explained my situation. The sales associate was awesome! She helped me pick out a pair of my old brand of sneaker (which had evolved into a new, upgraded version) and when she told me that it was an even trade, I honestly asked if she was joking. I have always experienced great service and knowledgeable professionals at Big Peach, but to have them put me into a BRAND NEW pair of sneakers without charging me a penny after I messed up was over the top! I will truly be a Big Peach customer for life. I am back on the treadmill walking 5 days a week, working on hitting a fast pace and at least 3.5 miles per walk. I am happy to report that I have ZERO knee pain and ZERO blisters. Thanks, Big Peach Running Company!!!