True Story

This is a true story (3/14/21). My wife and I entered the store looking for insoles for our shoes. The only greeting that we received from the company Dog. Not one human greeted us, not even a smile. I guess since We Didn’t look like the staff, current customers, or the typical customer that enters your location, no one deemed it important or necessary to greet or speak. The only time someone asked us anything is when my wife asked the unfriendly blonde behind the counter pretending to be busy, oh by the way I stood in the middle of the store only to make eye contact (2-3 times) with her just to see if she would ask if we needed help with anything, no luck. Again, when my wife did ask a question concerning what we were looking for, and after doing research on this location as to what we were looking to purchase, only to be told, that the store does not carry the product and she never heard of the insole in question. She stated, she would go ask her manager, but never came back. Let me clarify, she was stopped by a customer that looks just like her and the other customers in the store or the ones who shop there that Do not look like my wife and me. So, we left without any answers, along with our hard-earned money to spend elsewhere. I’m sure no one cares, no one will believe this review, because everyone else seems to love this store or one of your other locations. Just thought that I would tell me story.