John Krafka

my son g0t some expert care for his feet

I recently took my adult son to Big Peach Running in Kennesaw for advice on a nagging foot problem. While there, my money clip with cash and a number of credit cards dropped out of my pocket.
Later that day, my son got a notification that someone with the same last name had dropped a money clip and that I could come back to the store any time to reclaim it.
I returned this past Sunday afternoon. To my relief, my license and all of my cards and cash were intact.
I offered a reward or a “finder’s fee” to Lucas but he adamantly refused and would have none of it!

So not only did my son get some expert care for his feet from Lucas, the store manager but then I was fortunate to have him find my valuables and take the effort to locate me and save them for a safe return.

Please share my thanks with Lucas Stocks!!!