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I thought I’d update you on how the process is going…..
and I call it that because I appreciate how you constantly remind me that you’re NOT trying to ‘sell me a pair of shoes’…. but working with me to find something that provides me a solution to my ‘foot issues’.

I immediately wore the Sauconys on my walk around the neighborhood. And as much as I really wanted to make them feel perfect, I realized quickly that the pressure was still there in the toe box area (whether it’s the actual toe, or the metatarsal or the bunion I really don’t know). I came back to your store a few days later and got the metatarsal pads – and tried them out for the next few days. Unfortunately I was never able to get a comfort level moving them around in the shoe to make sure I had them in the right position.

Here’s where it starts to get better! After that I have to admit I was getting pretty frustrated and discouraged realizing that just because you buy a great pair of shoes doesn’t mean they will feel great on your feet – I Know – that’s what you guys call “The Fit Process” – but I was beginning to think I just wasn’t meant to have that kind of fit…….that I should just buy bigger shoes and be satisfied with the looser fit. But I remembered you advice………”Let’s just start with the shoes and work from there……..” and you’d mentioned both the metatarsal pads as well as the toe spacer/separator. I bought the toe spacer and immediately it just felt “Right”…..moving that big toe over.

In fact it felt so good, after trying on the Sauconys, I tried on several other pair of shoes I’ve stopped wearing, including the Softball Turfs that I’d originally purchased for my softball season. Most of the shoes felt significantly better with very little pressure or discomfort……….which is really good news. But now I have to decide what I want to do with my ‘new’ shoes. Given that the Softball Turfs feel much more comfortable…….I’d really hate to ‘ruin’ a really nice pair of shoes like the Sauconys on a ball field for 10-12 nights each year.

With all that said (my wife tells me I can’t say anything in a concise manner)……….I was wondering if it would be OK to swap out the Sauconys for a similarly priced pair of shoes that I could wear for every day use? As long as they’re comfy with a good toe box and relatively conservative (as little neon as possible) that would be great.

Thanks so much for your patience……..for listening…….for truly having my best interest in mind………and for making me feel comfortable throughout this entire process. I truly hope that I’ll be able to craft this whole experience into a great customer service story for my upcoming classes………I hope you don’t mind my giving you all a ‘plug’ to my class members.

Joe Coombs