Jason Korzan

I always receive great service

I wanted to send a quick note to highlight the customer service of one individual when I stopped into the Decatur store on Friday, 1/13/17. I always receive great service when I shop at BPRC. Erin helped me that day and did a great job. This was the 2nd time she provided excellent customer service to me as she helped me purchase a pair of inserts in the summer of 2016. When I came in a couple of weeks ago, I showed her an email I had from my running coach that explained my gait, stride, the way I pronate, etc. She took all of that information, measured me up, and brought out 4 pairs of shoes that all felt great. She explained the differences, how they were built and how they would help, and also showed me how to tie them to get a tighter fit around the ankle. I mentioned to her that I had not had much luck purchasing running shoes lately and was intimidated by the process (I think I told her I likened it to buying a car). She made it super easy. My very first run in those shoes was an 8-mile long run and they felt great. I have done several other runs in them and so far they feel really good. I am really happy with the service she provided.

I am looking forward to stopping into Big Peach – Decatur again (actually, it may be very soon since my wife bought me a gift card for my birthday last weekend).

Thanks again,